by Will Tentindo

Award-winning filmmaker Gillian Leahy (My Life Without Steve, Our Park) features in her latest documentary alongside her chocolate Labrador, Baxter. In Baxter and Me, Leahy asks questions about a dog’s role in humanity and the relationship between owner and pet.

Baxter and Me had its world premiere at the Sydney Film Festival last year, where it competed for the Documentary Australia Foundation Award for Australian Documentary. It premiered alongside artist and musician Laurie Anderson’s Heart of a Dog, a conceptual film that deals with life, death and morality.

Animal documentaries are seemingly the latest rage, with Kedi, a documentary about stray cats in Istanbul and the effect they have on the lives of the city’s residents currently ranked 19 in the general release box office in Australia.

Kedi grossed over $2 million at the US box office, and Google bought exclusive streaming rights to the film earlier this year where it premiered online internationally via YouTube Red on May 10. The drama A Dog’s Purpose also earned a tidy amount around the world over the past 12 months.

Baxter and Me, titled as a play on the popular book and Hollywood movie, Marley and Me, has been made available via Demand.Film, which allows any person or organisation to sponsor a film listed on their site, create an event and use their social media network to sell tickets while Demand.Film reserves the theatre and manages tickets and delivery of the film. Customers just need to meet a screening threshold in ticket sales.

Check out the trailer.

  • Gillian Leahy
    5 July 2017 at 2:15 pm

    Wow. And Bow Wow!

  • Drew
    6 July 2017 at 4:06 am

    I’m a cat person and I loved this doco! I’ve never really understood dog. For me, dogs are always willing to love you, no matter what. Some say their love is unconditional. With a cat, it’s a fight to earn their love! This doco gave me a real insight in to why dog lovers and dogs really ‘get’ each other.

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