SAE Continues To Turn Out The Talent With Jaime Gonzalez

December 13, 2016
SAE has produced another promising filmmaker in the making.

As the world’s leading global specialist in creative media education, with a 40-year history of delivering work-ready creators, SAE has 53 campuses in 27 countries, where it’s all about offering an immersive space to encourage hands-on learning. Delivering personalised education in world-class facilities, SAE’s campuses are home to the latest industry-standard software, tools and equipment. But it doesn’t stop at the state of the art campuses, with students offered internship opportunities at some of Australia’s premier festivals and events.

Students are provided with opportunities to collaborate on projects with SAE’s lecturers – all of whom are highly regarded professionals – in a professional working environment, to gain the practical experience and technical skills needed to launch into their industry and hit the ground running. Offering accredited fast-track learning pathways, students can be industry-ready sooner, and on their way to realising their dream job faster.

“From day one of studies, I knew that I wanted to have my own creative agency, so I decided to use the assessments at SAE as opportunities to work towards that goal throughout my studies,” says SAE graduate Jaime Gonzalez. “I would go to class with questions that my lecturers would then help me take to the next level to shape my business in the right direction thanks to the advice from the SAE staff.”

In two short years since graduating, Gonzalez has opened an independent film production company, and is the creative brains behind Flamingo Amigos alongside colleagues, Oscar Fernandez and Olga Blanco. With a client list that reads like a who’s who in the street/surf fashion world, Flamingo Amigos’ skills have been tapped by brands such as Afends, Bare Blends, Hawkers, The Critical Slide Society (TCSS), Tacoola Swimwear, Blaire Magazine, and Scent of Byron amongst many others.

Partly thanks to what he learned at SAE, Gonzalez has been able to complete The Friendly Pirate, a short documentary developed for art based surf brand, TCSS (The Critical Slide Society). The doco tells the story of Ash Keillah, a young Gold Coast surfer who lost an eye but kept surfing and following his dreams. The film has screened at over 20 festivals. “Film, photography and design is a great outlet for developing concepts in my head,” says Gonzalez. “Being able to creatively express my ideas through film is the most remarkable and inspiring feeling. When clients back your ideas, and then love the end result, it gives us such a great feeling of pride and accomplishment.”

For more on Jaime Gonzalez, head to Flamingo Amigos. For more on SAE, head to the official website. To check out Flamingo Amigos’ videos, click here.

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