Rocking the Couch

April 13, 2019

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...doesn’t rock the couch as much as it brushes past it.
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Rocking the Couch

Hagan Osborne
Year: 2018
Rating: NA
Director: Minh Collins

Lauren Anastasi-Peter, Ikon Barenbolm, Alana Crow, Jennifer Durst, Tiffani Fest, Sadie Katz

Distributor: XVIII Entertainment
Released: Out Now
Running Time: 65 minutes
Worth: $7.00

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….doesn’t rock the couch as much as it brushes past it.

Rocking the Couch takes a rudimental approach in its coverage of #metoo that resultingly ends up scattershot and well-trodden. From interviews of actresses who have experienced sexual abuse to history lessons on misconduct in Hollywood, Rocking the Couch’s ambitious efforts to cover a broad spectrum of information within a sixty-minute runtime is admirable, however, sees it unable to effectively dissect important issues facing Hollywood and culture at large.

Where female interviewees share their traumatic experiences on screen, it is with the male respondents, often members of law enforcement or producers, and their dissociative responses on how female victims should behave that highlight something culturally problematic. It is unclear whether Rocking the Couch has something interesting to say about this male perspective – the bizarre manner in which interviews are conducted, involving green screen backgrounds and interviewees drinking wine, is distracting to the point that important themes come across as satirical.

Issues with editing are prevalent throughout Rocking the Couch, with director Minh Collins’ decision to embellish the film with cheap transition effects and stock-images that interrupt interviews being of high school PowerPoint presentation quality.

In title, Rocking the Couch makes a bold declaration that its timely subject matter will disrupt Hollywood, which despite its earnest attempts to do so doesn’t rock the couch as much as it brushes past it.


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