100% Wolf

June 2, 2020

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...a highly entertaining piece of local animation.

100% Wolf

Erin Free
Year: 2020
Rating: PG
Director: Alexs Steadman

Ilai Swindells, Jai Courtney, Samara Weaving, Magda Szubanski, Jane Lynch

Distributor: Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Released: Available digitally now
Running Time: 102 minutes
Worth: $16.50

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…a highly entertaining piece of local animation.

Children’s cinema is one corner of the movie landscape where the Australian industry could really thrive. Younger audiences don’t have the kind of ingrained attitudes towards homegrown product that affects mainstream Australian cinema and, in particular, our creatives working in the animation field are right up there with their international counterparts. The work done by local production houses on films like The LEGO Movie, Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole and Happy Feet is more than ample proof of the deep well of talent that can be tapped into here. Flying Bark Productions are one of the main players in the local animation space, with titles like Blinky Bill The Movie, Maya The Bee Movie, and Santa’s Apprentice. Their latest work, 100% Wolf – headed to cinemas, but now re-directed to PVOD thanks to COVID-19 – follows on from their previous output, boasting beautiful visuals, Aussie-as voice work, and a good story with a strong A-to-B narrative push that should have no problem keeping young audiences engaged.

Penned by Fin Edquist (Blinky Bill The Movie, Maya The Bee Movie) and directed by Alexs Steadman (Maya The Bee Movie), 100% Wolf is the fast paced tale of teenage would-be werewolf Freddy Lupin (voiced by Ilai Swindells), who is pre-destined to follow in the footsteps of his father (Jai Courtney) and lead their wolf pack. These werewolves, however, are good guys, who run around at night rescuing those in danger and protecting the city. But on the night that Freddy is supposed to morph into a wolf for the first time, things don’t quite go to plan, and the boy ends up changing into a poodle instead. With one night to set things right, Freddy sets out on an against-the-odds adventure – with the help of his new friend, street dog Batty (Samara Weaving) – to make his mark in the wolfing world.

With a surprisingly layered mythology (the traditions of the central wolf pack are laid out with an almost Harry Potter-like sense of care and attention), a strong line in both action and humour, and a lot of top-tier performers giving it 110% in the sound booth (Magda Szubanski and US import Jane Lynch have a lot of fun with the film’s most florid characters) 100% Wolf is a highly entertaining piece of local animation.


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