From the creators of the family fantasy adventure box-office hit The Legend of the Five, The Red Shoes: Next Step stars dual gold medallist, American-Australian dancer Juliet Doherty (High Strung: Free Dance and Driven to Dance) in the lead role of Sam Cavanaugh, and The Conjuring 2’s Lauren Esposito as her rebellious best friend Eve.

Juliet Doherty danced in the hugely successful recent B.I.G. Ballet International Galas directed by B.I.G. co-founder, 23-year-old professional ballet dancer Joel Burke, who is her co-star in The Red Shoes: Next Step.

The film also features actress and former dancer Carolyn Bock (Neighbours, Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS and Green Room Award nominee 2022); Australian professional ballerina Primrose Kern, who is a dancer with the Paris Opera Ballet and Boston Ballet; dancer, actor, model, and influencer Ashleigh Ross (Dance Academy, Mary Poppins); Mietta White, who is currently playing the role of Meg Giry in The Phantom of the Opera in Melbourne; and Nicholas Andrianakos (The Legend of the Five).

The Red Shoes: Next Step follows Sam, a gifted young dancer whose world spirals after an unexpected, life-changing event. ​Sam walks away from dancing and ballet, ​but the art form is in her blood, and she can’t resist the temptation to return. ​Life eventually leads Sam back to her old dance school – but not as a dancer. An​ old rival, a long-time crush, and her former dance teacher guide Sam back to​ what she loves most, but ultimately, it’s her own emotions and fears that she must confront to reignite her deep passion for dance.

The Red Shoes: Next Step is directed by Jesse A’hern (produced The Legend of the Five) and Joanne Samuel (directed The Legend of the Five). The screenplay was written by Zachary Layner, the award-winning writer John Banas (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) and Peter McLeod (The Legend of the Five). Producers are Tanya Esposito (also Executive Producer) and Jesse A’hern; Kent Marcus is the Director of Photography, and Daniel Gaudiello is the Choreographer behind all the film’s extraordinary dance sequences.

Australia’s leading dancewear brand Energetiks is the film’s major sponsor, and supplied all dancewear, pointe shoes and flats worn by the dancers in the film, including the iconic ‘Red Shoes’ the film is named for.

Maari Music (Sydney-based Dominic Cabusi and Bronte Maree O’Neill) created the electro-acoustic style score and soundtrack, with 11 songs featuring Australian vocalists of various genres.

Shot in and around Sydney’s west and inner west, The Red Shoes: Next Step is distributed in Australia by Screen Inc.

Screen Inc. founder and Managing Director, Dov Kornits said: “Some of my earliest memories are of seeing Australian family films. I am very excited to bring The Red Shoes: Next Step to cinemas during the school holidays so that the broadest audience possible can enjoy this beautiful film.”

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