Here are all our finalists in each of our 5 categories. This was by far the hardest year yet. Smartphone filmmaking is just exploding, and we are so happy to be here doing it with you all.

Now comes the fun part: the judging. Our judges will be taking a look at each film over the next two weeks, with the winners to be announced at our live festival November 5th & 6th here in Sydney and live-streamed too. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the latest news about the festival and catch some exciting content from this year’s filmmakers.

Our 2022 SF3 Gala Finalists

This is the most exciting time of our year, when we get to share with you all of our finalists for our 8th Annual Season. Drum roll please for the best smartphone short films from all across the world – the SF3 2022 Gala Finalists!

1. Jot and Flick by Kailee Cristina Brown
2. Karl Heinz by Andrew Robb Films
3. After Songs by Paco Wen, Chris Lee & Hardy Hu
4. Beneath the Lonesome Sky by Rob Layton
5. Big Dumb Animal by Schuyler Willson and Megan Sipos
6. Forever Home by Artsy Solomon
7. Ghosted by Danny Barton
8. Songlines of Change by Kara Rose
9. Daddy’s Assessment by Aaron Scully – Actor
10. Who I Was Before I Forgot by Naomi Sequeira
11. One Yarn by Michael Harris
12. The Unseen by Tom Major
13. WAKE by Dimitri Ellerington
14. FREE by Cassius Rayner
15. V by Tallulah Redmond-Stephen
16. Roots by Harlisha New-Joe

Tickets to our Gala Finals being held live in Sydney on Saturday Nov 5th at 6:30pm are on sale now at

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SF3 Kids 2022 Finalists

These filmmakers right here are the future of filmmaking and from hundreds of entries these are the best of the best. These are our next Oscar winners, story-tellers and creative geniuses – these are our SF3 Kids 2022 Finalists! You can see their films on Sunday 6th November at the Actors Centre Australia at 11am at our red-carpet screening. Get your tickets now at

And our SF3 Kids Finalists are:
1. Secluded by Amin Yekta
2. The Call by Indianna Thompson
3. Hoods Off by the Barrowland Ballet
4. 2 Sisters One World by Aneira Rowland
5. Courthouse Chaos by Cash Daley
6. Victim Impact by Aurora Iler
7. The Heist and the Plan by Jackson Iler
8. The Rose Scam by Sophia Budd
9. The Tale of the Fortune Teller by Gwen Johnson
10. Could I? by Brielle Peters
11. Birthday Fail by Noah Kennedy
12. The Special Guest by Scarlett Fisher
13. The 5 Stages of Grief by Amelie Correa
14. Hide and Seek by Dylan Burgess
15. Masters in Persuasion by Mila Kazantzidis
16. The Magic in Liberia by Oliver and Lucas Hamm Oliver and Lucas – Educational Videos for Kids
17. Social Night Fright Night by Sonya Clarke
18. SMITE the Movie by Lachlan Familton
19. Ghost School by Class 4Z Cabramatta Public School
20. Three Wishes by Class 5-6B Cabramatta Public School
21. All the Time in the World by Farrah from Newtown High School of the Performing Arts
22. Deadly Dining by Asia from Newtown School of the Performing Arts
23. Thief vs Thief by Elodie from Newtown School of the Performing Arts
24. The Feeling by Quinn from Newtown School of the Performing Arts
25. Misdelivered by Alyssa from Newtown School of the Performing Arts
26. Shady Shades by Marianna from Newtown School of the Performing Arts
27. Secrets by Ajila Miller-Gersbach

SF3 Mini Finalists for 2022

These are our amazing SF3 Mini Finalists. The best films 3 minutes or less from all around the world! These films are fresh and fun, moving and truly wonderful. Catch them on the big screen on Sunday Nov 6th at the Actors Centre Australia at 4pm. Early bird tickets on sale now at and use code SF3earlybird

1. The Monstering: Sister GlitterNullius, the Monster Speaks by Juundaal Strang-Yettica
2. CROSSED by Jean-Charles Fritz
3. Mild Symptoms by Darshan K
4. The Stuff by Sean Perez and Joanna Gorton
5. Out of Thin Air by Alexandra Guillossou
6. NONNO by Zev Howley
7. Crazy/Love by Narelle Nash
8. Move Me by Joshua Belinfante
9. FREE HUGS by Jared Jekkyl
10. Unplugged by Kenny Foo
11. Ode to Wild Horses by Billie Dean
12. It’s Up To You by Olivia Charlotte
13. Guess the Word by Aaron Scully – Actor
14. Thief by Kaelyn Ward
15. Cockroach by Claire Ford
16. How Hard is it to Upload a Video to Youtube on the Queen Mary 2? by Robert Braiden

SF3 2022 Feature Film Finalists

Judging our SF3 Best Feature Film Award has been the most difficult yet! Soo many great entries from all around the world. A few first-time filmmakers and lots of talent and beautiful stories. Here are our Finalists for 2022 and our Best Feature Film Award Winner will be announced at our SF3 Gala Finals on Saturday November 5th – tickets from

1. THE AWNIK by Jarrod Lee from QLD, Australia.
2. Love in the Time of Virus by Zhicong Zeng from China.
3. Unknowns by Luis Fernandez from USA.
4. Sunday Sunday Sunday by Anthony James Natoli from USA.
5. Dark Days of Heaven by Mathi Sutha from Sri Lanka. வெந்து தணிந்தது காடு – Dark days of heaven
6. Tarmac Warriors – INDIPAC 2022 by Michelle Hon & John Pearson from WA, Australia.
7. Her Hair by Jordon Briggs from USA.
8. Trio by Onenimous Johnny and Dannie Spenxer from Nigeria.
9. iWant by Oladipo O’Fresh from Nigeria

Our SF360 Finalists for 2022.

Our last BIG announcement! Our 3 SF360 Finalists, representing the best in VR and 360 films from across the globe.

1. Tricyle Bicycle Cycle – Out of Context by Ryan Murray from USA.
2. The Virtual Circle by ReVerse Butcher from VIC, Australia.
3. The Careful Project – Another Quiet Day in the Hall by Christopher Young from WA, Australia.