Filmmakers of all ages and skill levels across Western Australia are encouraged to submit films up to three minutes in length that promote age-positive messages or explore the topic of ageism.

Ageism refers to stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination directed towards people based on their age. Entries open today Monday 8 April and are open until Friday 14 June 2024 for filmmakers in the following categories:

  • 17 years old or under;
  • 18-59 years old; and
  • 60 years old and over.

Five films from each category will be shortlisted with a film screening event to be held in early July 2024 to announce the finalists and winners.

Revelation Perth International Film Festival will also hold workshops in April and May across the Perth Metropolitan Region to provide filmmaking tips and tricks for success in the competition.

The competition is one of the ways the Cook Government is delivering on actions set out in An Age-Friendly WA: State Seniors Strategy 2023-2033. The project supports the action by delivering an innovative approach to raising awareness about ageism in WA.

Comments attributed to Minister for Seniors and Ageing Don Punch:

“I am proud to be a part of the Cook Government in teaming up with Revelation Perth International Film Festival to deliver the ‘Life in Pictures‘ short film competition.

“The film festival is just one of many ways we’re working to challenge ageism and promote positive ageing in our community.

“The Cook Government is committed to stamping out ageism and ensuring all Western Australians live free from discrimination.

“I strongly encourage any budding filmmaker to get involved in one of Perth’s favourite film festivals. Not only will you help promote age-friendly messages and start important conversations in our community, but there are also some great prizes up for grabs.”

The purpose of the competition is to creatively engage the community in discussions about ageing, what it means to age, and to challenge ageist attitudes. For more information, visit