They’ll join Zenya Carmellotti, Toby Derrick, Hannah Fredericksen, Milo Hartill and David James in the dark short-form comedy from writer / producer Iain Crittenden.

Set in a primary school in the western suburbs of Melbourne, the seven-part series follows three kids who are making a documentary about homelessness as part of a class project.

Together they face off against a who’s who of Australian ‘thought leaders’.

Each episode we see them interview a leader from a different field – a disgraced footballer (Derrick) and his club president (Allsop), a cashed-up Archbishop (Gilshenan) and his media manager (Fredericksen), an influencer with a new side hustle (Taheny), a pair of millennial social entrepreneurs (Carmellotti and Hartill), a cancelled popstar (Joyce) and an embattled politician (James). People with the means to make a difference, but often not the will.

One by one, they’re asked a series of questions which they do their best to dodge, deflect or segue into a product they’re promoting or a cause they’re fronting. But the kids can smell bullshit a mile away. Hidden agendas are exposed and hollow platitudes are batted aside as our three young social warriors tackle our national disgrace head-on.

Crittenden said, the “three kids in the show are smart, funny and tough. But they’re also complex and vulnerable. They’ve packed far more into their 11 short years than most people pack into a lifetime, and they draw on that to ask the questions we’d all like answered.

“Victoria has done a great job working with the team to inject some heart alongside the humour and Mullinars Casting, who came onboard early, have done an amazing job of finding not only some incredible guest actors, but also three children to bring the characters of the kids to life.

“We can’t wait for people to meet Naomi Ejigu, Lennox Lee and Mae White, alongside their teacher Mr Hammadi, played by Amir Rahimzadeh. They’re the heart and soul of the series and a perfect foil to the spin and rampant self-promotion of their guests.”

Crittenden has written two episodes alongside Amal Awad, Claire Christian, Meg Mundell and Samuel Gebreselassie who have each written one. With Ayub Abdi-Barre, Gabriel Aleksandrs, Maurya Bourandanis, Rachel Kurzyp and Stephanie Dower attached as story consultants.

Filming will commence in Yarraville next week with DOP Sarah Jo Fraser, production and wardrobe designer Marc McIntyre, and hair and make-up designer Lily Maclean-Swann.

Plausible Deniability marks writer / producer Iain Crittenden’s first scripted series since coproducing last year’s It’s Fine, I’m Fine with Stef Smith and Photoplay Films.

Plausible Deniability is being produced by Random Pictures with principal production funding from Screen Australia. Benjamin Law and Catherine Hill are Executive Producing. The series will be released online later this year.

One issue.
Six leaders.
Three children.
No bullshit.

Pictured (clockwise from top left): Darren Gilshenan, Jane Allsop, Keegan Joyce, Emily Taheny