Own a Piece of Penny Dreadful

September 5, 2016
Props from the cult series are going under the hammer.

Penny Dreadful may have been staked through the heart after three gloomy, gothic seasons, but fans with deep pockets have a chance to own a piece of the potboiler forever. A three day sale of props, set decorations and various items (including a truly disturbing amount of taxidermy specimens) from the Showtime series is taking place at Ashgrove Auctions in Kildare, Ireland, from September 13 – 15.

You can check out the catalogue here. In the market for a skull-adorned candelabra? Or perhaps a collection of Sir Malcolm Murray’s correspondence? There’s an entire section devoted to Frankenstein’s Lab. Heck, there’s a horse-drawn carriage (BYO horses).

While some of the high-end objects are expected to go for thousands, there are plenty of items estimated between 50-100 Euros, which isn’t a bad price for a piece of your favourite TV series. Of course, the selling off of the props department certainly doesn’t bode well for Penny Dreadful‘s mooted resurrection.


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