Movie And TV Stars With Surprising Other Jobs

September 30, 2016
Famous actors with other jobs? Here are a few very high profile moonlighters…

They say that you’re only ever as good as your last role, so it’s not surprising that even some A-list Hollywood celebrities have other jobs and side projects to keep things ticking over when they’re not on set. Plus, given their otherwise glamorous lifestyles, it can help even the most head-in-the-clouds megastars to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. Here are six of the highest-profile moonlighting stars.


LUCY LIU The star of countless films including Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill, and Kung Fu Panda, Lucy Liu also has a very useful sideline as an artist. Painting under her real name of Yu Ling, she has had a number of exhibitions in America and Europe, and has given much of the money raised by selling her work to UNICEF, for which she’s also an ambassador.

Actor Costner, founding partner, Ocean Therapy Solutions Inc. answer questions from the media in Louisiana

KEVIN COSTNER Costner’s experience of working on one of the most famous movie flops of all time, Waterworld, obviously didn’t turn him off the sea, or maybe it was time to finally make some money from the ocean. He is now the director of a company that makes machines that help to clear up oil spills and sells them to major global companies like BP.


JENNIFER TILLY When Jennifer Tilly’s not providing the voice for Bonny Swanson in Family Guy, she likes to join her husband, poker professional Phil Laak, at the tables. She’s a very successful player herself, having won a WSOP bracelet and a Bellagio Cup No Limit Hold’em victory too. She donates a large proportion of her winnings to humanitarian charities.


DAN AYKROYD The star of the original Ghostbusters, not to mention the classic, The Blues Brothers, Dan Aykroyd helps to fight crime in a far more down-to-earth way by being a Sheriff’s Deputy in Hinds County, Mississippi. He regularly goes out on patrols, carries out every day police work, and helps to raise funds for the force.


SANDRA BULLOCK Before Sandra Bullock’s movie career was given a real boost by starring in Gravity, she had been building quite a reputation as a restaurateur in Austin, Texas. In 2006, she opened Bess Bistro, which immediately received very good reviews for its food and service. She then followed this up with Walton’s Fancy & Staple Store, which combines a deli, bakery, and gift shop.


TOM SELLECK The former Magnum PI star, Tom Selleck, obviously had a lot of foresight when he realised that the avocado would soon be hailed as a superfood. He now owns a 60 acre farm with 2000 avocado trees – even though he says that he can’t stand the fruits himself.

So, in the notoriously fickle world of entertainment, it obviously pays to have something to fall back on for the day when the phone finally stops ringing…and all these celebrities seem to be more prepared than most.

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