By Dov Kornits

Without any real competition opening today it looks like Logan and Kong: Skull Island will slug it out for another week, but for now, on over 100 extra screens (523 vs 413), Kong was the victor… just.

And with today’s announcement that Lion will be released as an extended cut from April 10, it should be interesting to see how close this little film that could gets to Crocodile Dundee‘s seemingly unbeatable top spot as Australia’s highest ever local earner.

Thursday, March 9 – Wednesday, March 15, 2017




Alas, the doco on David Stratton has under-performed, whilst Oscar winner The Salesman has started strongly. Most tellingly, Event Cinemas’ initiative in partnership with Monster Pictures proved that if you curate well, the horror fan will come.


Box office figures are courtesy of Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia.


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