Jean-Claude Van Damme Returns to Australia for Surprise Meet and Greet at United Cinemas Narellan

November 29, 2016
Breaking news, as they say. Board-breaking, in fact.

Action icon Jean-Claude van Damme will make a special appearance at United Cinemas Narellan this Saturday, December 3, for a special meet and greet session prior to a screening of two of his classics, Blood Sport and Double Impact.

This comes as something as a surprise, with United Cinemas only announcing the event on their Facebook page hours ago. To wit:


As you can see, the event is in support of White Ribbon, a worthwhile social campaign if ever there was one. Tickets are only $20 for adults, including booking fee, so go forth and get your Universal Soldier and Kickboxer DVDs signed for a good cause. Tickets are available here.


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