How to Plan a Perfect Anniversary Date with a Cinephile

January 21, 2021
Planning a perfect anniversary date with a cinephile may appear simple enough, just catch a movie! But when the lights dim and the projector starts up, any cinephile will need to watch the movie, even if it is a rotten tomato cartoon, when you are likely to leave the cinema learning about which scenes had un-rendered animation. Of course, an anniversary date with a cinephile should include a movie, but there is more you can do to make it perfect for you both.

A gift to keep

Whilst your anniversary date will almost certainly include a movie, whether at home or in a movie theatre, it is a good idea to include a physical gift for your partner on the day. If you are struggling with ideas, some gifts and colours symbolise each year, with the 5th wedding anniversary gift being wood and turquoise respectively. Choose a gift that will last her a lifetime to represent your fidelity and forever love, perfect for five years together.

Visit an independent movie theatre

Rather than take in the latest blockbuster, search out a local independent movie theatre screening. These are the perfect places for movie enthusiasts to experience a rare film, the special curated world of cinema inhabited by movie professionals screening their work, taking meetings, watching films, and collaborating. Here you can see rare archival screenings (both 35mm and digital) and special Q&As, for a wide spectrum of audiences, filmmakers, and communities. Many companies have gone digital since 2020, so there are movie theatres worldwide whose schedules you can access live.

Eat from the movies

After the movie, stay at the on-site restaurant for a meal where you can share your views of the movie as you relax into the evening to talk about yourselves and the year past and the year ahead as part of your anniversary celebration. Even if you are at home and ordering in, choose a menu that fits in with a movie theme. In The Lady and the Tramp, the Tramp offers his last meatball to the lady, a romantic gesture that makes him a keeper in most eyes. You could find the recipe online for Tita’s rose petal quail from Like Water For Chocolate or diner burgers from Good Will Hunting, a romantic idea as Will and Skylar were kissing while eating burgers at the diner.

Sight & Sound subscription

The British Film Institute publishes an international film magazine that offers unrivalled insight into film culture with in-depth reviews, interviews and features exploring contemporary and historical cinema. Gift a subscription in print and/or digital that also provides full access to a digital archive of more than 80 years of film commentary and criticism. You can also gift a Sight & Sound magazine that was published in the past, such as the June 2019 edition celebrating the versatile and complex performances of Barbara Stanwyck, one of the most successful and memorable actors of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Unique movie theatres

Visit an unusual brick-and-mortar movie theatre to make your anniversary movie night a unique filmgoing experience. Check out Broome’s Sun Pictures Gardens cinema, a deck-chaired outpost on the west coast which is the world’s oldest picture gardens still in operation that combines old-world charm with newly released HD blockbusters. Also check out the fabulous retro settings of the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace in Sydney, the Capri Theatre in Adelaide, The Astor in Melbourne and Windsor Cinema in Perth.

Visit a film festival

Support local talent by attending Flickerfest or St Kilda Film Festival, Australia’s premier short film festivals and now a prominent event on the festival circuit. Here, first-time filmmakers and seasoned professionals are treated with the respect and professionalism they deserve.

If you want to travel further afield for a significant anniversary, like your silver (25 years) or gold (50 years) anniversary, take a trip to the open-air Sala Montjuïc film festival in Barcelona, Spain. Here you will see a programme of world-class movies including traditional classics alongside contemporary films by filmmakers across the world.


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