Five Movies that Brought the World of Horse Racing to the Big Screen

September 25, 2020
If you love horse racing and you are a movie fan, the ideal movie for you is likely to be one that has a racing theme. Over the years, there have been no shortage of this type of big-screen entertainment.

There are several great movies that involve scenes at the racetrack or at other locations where horses can race. Let’s have a closer look at five of them.

Let it Ride

This 1989 movie is more about one man’s experience at the racetrack than it is about the racing world itself. For anyone who loves to examine the form at Unibet racing, and other online resources, the story may have a familiar ring to it.

The central character, played by Richard Dreyfuss, does not usually have much success with his gambling. However, on the day when the story takes place, he is having the most successful betting day of his life. The result is a funny feel-good movie that is hugely enjoyable.


This is a movie that is based on a true underdog story. It follows the fortunes of the horse Seabiscuit that becomes a champion after battling against the odds.

The story of the horse was widely told during the Great Depression in the US. When the movie was released in 2003, the story enchanted a whole new audience.

National Velvet

Elizabeth Taylor had a long and successful film career. This movie was made right at the start of that career, when she was only 12 years old.

The story features Velvet Brown, played by Taylor, who believes that her horse can win the prestigious Grand National race. She ends up riding the horse herself in what is an uplifting story of spirit and determination.


Hidalgo is a movie that provides a different take on the horse racing theme. The story takes place a long way away from the race track. It features the central character who travels to Arabia in the late 19th century to take part in a horse race across the desert.

The photography often takes centre stage in this movie. It evokes the harshness and beauty of the desert landscape.

This is far from being a traditional horse racing movie. However, there is still plenty of action to attract fans of racing and the big screen.


This is a movie that tells the story of a man and a horse triumphing over adversity. The man is Bob Champion, played in this 1984 movie by John Hurt. He plays a Jockey Champion who battled testicular cancer and returned to ride Aldaniti in the Grand National in 1981.

The horse had overcome his own obstacles. He had recovered from a serious leg injury which had caused a vet to recommend putting him to sleep. Together, the pair triumphed, providing a happy ending to this real-life fairytale of racing.

These are five very different movies. However, they all have stories to entertain fans of cinema and horse racing alike.


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