Films that do Claustrophobia Just Right

September 6, 2019
I am a big fan of escape rooms. This is not a joke, and I have a very specific reason that I am starting this movies talk the way I am at the moment.

You see, I think I may have visited a lot of escape rooms during my time in London. If you see the full list of London escape rooms, you will notice there are a lot of them. But, despite my love for a horror film, I have failed to find escape rooms that are actually able to satisfy my need for a horror film that features a claustrophobia themed escape room. This has been proving to be extremely disappointing. SO, in hopes of someone who actually knows what to do when designing an escape room might see this, I have come up with the list of films that do claustrophobia the best, and see if I can get someone to start designing escape rooms around them. Yes, I am using this review as an opportunity to rant, but why would you judge me? Just enjoy the films that I have listed below.

Panic Room

This might seem like a relatively old film at this point, but it is one that should not be forgotten. Panic Room follows the story of a mother and son who are stuck in a panic room after a number of burglars decided to break into the house. The entire story is incredibly tense and tells the story of a lot of stress, Stockholm syndrome and trying to escape/break free masterfully. While not entirely a horror film, it is definitely a film that can handle suspense and has elements of horror in it. It captures the claustrophobia of being stuck in a house, in a room, in close quarters with murderous criminals very well, and I think it would make an amazing escape room experience, as the theme fits the situation perfectly. Now, the film, of course, has its problems, with certain instances not being as impressive as others, or the story suffering from certain problems, but overall the film is quite enjoyable and will keep you on your toes throughout.


When this film came out, many people had a hard time dealing with what it is, what it shows and how it talks about it. The film has a cult following and an entire culture built around it. It tells the story of a number of people who wake up in a strange cubic space, which they need to try to escape. The series of cubes are all rigged with traps that are designed to kill the individuals in the cubes. It is a very suspenseful story, with a lot of horror to it and an incredible escape story throughout. It would also act as a great inspiration for any escape room that was built around the concept, but that’s a different subject.


This is a relatively recent film in Sandra Bullock’s portfolio, but it is definitely an impressive one. This film follows the story of an astronaut trying to get back to earth, after the vessel that she was in was destroyed. There is not much dialogue throughout the film, but the problems she has to deal with, the solutions she comes up with, and the kinds of things she does in order to be able to achieve her goal are incredibly impressive and make for a great visual spectacle. This film came out around the same time as Interstellar, and Gravity has a lot of merit in its own right and is able to keep the suspense and the horror of cosmic distances and the futility of the human struggle alive throughout, which makes it a great film to watch. The theme would also make for a great escape room, simply because the entire movie is an escape room film, except in space and realistic.


I mean, how much can be said about Alien that has not been said already. It is a classic, and it has influenced so much of the cinema that came after it that you can see it in most space movies that have come out over the years. The story is of a woman having to survive through an interaction with a murderous alien creature. The space station itself, escaping the alien and all kinds of other pressures that the movie puts on the viewer makes for a stressful and delectable experience when watching the film. It is honestly one of my favourite films of all time and there have been many instances that I wish to have been able to experience the survivable version of it in real life. If there was only a place or a way for it to be made into an escape room experience, I would be delighted.


You’ve probably seen the Saw movies, and you’ve probably been stressed out by every moment of watching them. You have a whole lot of them to choose from, although I would personally recommend watching the first one and maybe sticking to that, ignoring the rest. But, everyone has their own tastes. What I would say for sure, though, is that the film creates stressful environments, suspense, and body horror really well. The set design and the puzzle design within the film were excellent and could potentially make for a fun experience to have in an escape room, as long as you don’t have to actually cut your own leg off to escape!


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