Film Education in Higher Learning Institutions

February 26, 2020
Perhaps, you have watched some documentary or movie and got inspired to study film production. Well, finding a school to study film production is not an issue because there are several institutions in the US that offer the course.

The film industry also has plenty of jobs available, but hard work is mandatory because of the stiff competition. So, it is no stroll in the park, as many people think. Some of the universities in the US offering film education include:

  • Columbia University
  • University of New Orleans
  • University of North Alabama
  • University of Colorado Denver
  • University of Arizona

The universities offer students the opportunity to work with professionals in both Hollywood and independent film communities. Notably, the film education program provided by the universities is populated by top students from around the world. Therefore, learners must work hard to acquire cutting-edge creativity, hands-on practicality, and intellectual rigor that will put them above the rest in the job market.

How Sustainable Is the Career in Film?

After graduating from the university, one expects to secure a well-paying job. Perhaps, you are wondering if there is any guarantee of landing a good job immediately after school. Well, a career in this field is like any other occupation. So, it may take some time before landing a good job or to get one immediately if you are lucky.

Nevertheless, a degree in film offers several employment opportunities for graduates. What are the probable job opportunities waiting for you after graduating? It is categorized into three with associated job types. Each phase offers a different occupation, as shown below.

  • Pre-production. It involves organizing concepts into complete realizations. The core activities here range from fundraising, costing, designing the scenes, and writing scripts. Therefore, screenwriting, producer role, casting, and designing costumes are some of the potential jobs for you.
  • The opportunities in this category include photography directors, camera crew, project director role, animators, sound technicians, and so on.
  • Post-production. The stage involves editing tasks. Careers in this category include editors, advertising, sound effect editors, promoters, etc.

The job projection in the film production industry has grown steadily since 2008. The emergence of technologies has also facilitated the creation of diverse media to overcome the limitation of films to theatres and TVs. Besides, many cable channels and satellites exist and have improved the distribution of films. Today, the movies are readily available for download or streaming from websites.

Sports is one of the major areas that is creating more jobs for film graduates. Currently, the future in this field seems promising because there are so many people consuming digital content. Similarly, remuneration in this field is growing at a steady rate.

For instance, famous actors have generated tremendous wealth from this career that has changed the perception of the film industry. People also view them as superstars and envy their lifestyle, similar to wealthy athletes. However, film production has become more competitive and demands the best in the job market. Therefore, you have to work extra hard to make it this industry.

Will the Film Production Degree Take You Anywhere?

Well, you have learned a lot about the possible job opportunities in film production to this end. You will probably have to work on less-popular documentaries or films at the entry-level. Some of the typical starting points include advertisements, educational or government films, and providing essay writing services for digital content creators.

You will exploit every opportunity to build your portfolio and reputation in the industry because nothing comes on a silver plate. Many prominent film actors have gone through the same experience and made it. So, all you need is belief in yourself. Understandably, most film creation work is awarded to contractors and freelancers.

For instance, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics established that 22% of workers in this sector do part-time jobs via the contractors or as freelancers. Other agencies have also come up with better ways of identifying these contractors and linking fresh graduates to entry-level job openings.

However, these jobs are short-lived and take only a few days or weeks. Therefore, you must be overly competitive, creative, talented, and persistent in working your way to the top. Notably, the average salary for employees in 2015 was $94,355 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. So, it is well-paying and requires your persistence and extra effort to become the best. Finally, you now know where you are headed with the degree. All you need is to brace yourself for the competition and emerge among the best to enjoy the career.


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