The Fights in Iron Fist Season 2 Are So Much Better!

August 31, 2018
Two new featurettes show that the combat in this season is gonna be some next level stuff.

One of the most common and, frankly, accurate criticisms leveled at Iron Fist Season 1 is that the fights weren’t up to scratch – a pretty damning indictment when your hero’s key attribute is being a master martial artist who can kick the living spit out of 99% of the waking world without taking recourse to his eponymous dragon-endowed magic punching hand (ah, comics…).

The powers that be listened, and they listened good. For the second season of the continuing adventures of Danny Rand (Finn Jones), the good folks at Marvel and Netflix roped in fight coordinator and snappy hat wearer Clayton Barber. Never heard of him? Here are some choice cuts from his imdb page:

Black Panther

Altered Carbon

John Wick: Chapter 2


The Fate of the Furious

Olympus Has Fallen

The Bourne Legacy

Did We Mention Creed?


XXX: State of the Union

Blade II

Holy shit, Creed!

As a fight coordinator, stunt coordinator, and stunt performer, Barber is a total legend, as two new featurettes attest:


…so, all else aside, the action scenes this time out should be pretty speccy.

Iron Fist Season 2 hits Netflix on September 7, 2018.



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