Every Issue of The Cinema Papers is Now Available Online

July 2, 2018
An essential record of Australian film culture is now free for all.

Here is a reason to be happy: every single issue of the hugely influential Australian film magazine The Cinema Papers has been digitised and archived by the University of Wollongong.

As the Wollongong Uni website says, “Cinema Papers was the premier Australian film industry magazine, published between 1974-2001 and initially launched by the editorial team of Peter Beilby, Phillippe Mora and Scott Murray. Precursors included the La Trobe University film society magazine from 1967, edited by Mora and Beilby, and an 11 issue tabloid published by Mora between October 1969 – April 1970. Cinema Papers merged with Filmnews in 1989. The version digitised here chronicles what many consider the golden years of Australian cinema. Cinema Papers was both local and international – reporting on film productions, interviews with actors, producers and technicians, plus historical articles and reviews of contemporary Australian and international films.”

You can find the entire archive here. Have at it – just don’t expect to get any more work done today.


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