By Travis Johnson

It seems Iko Uwais is having a good week. Not only is he set to outshine former Funky Buncher Mark Wahlberg in Mile 22, but Variety is reporting that he is set to star in Wu Assassins, a new 10 part action series for Netflix.

A crime drama set in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Wu Assassins will see Uwais playing budding chef Kai Jin, who sees his culinary aspirations curtailed when he is chosen to be becomes the latest and last Wu Assassin, whose job is to “…round up the powers of an ancient triad and restore balance once again.”

Now, we have no idea what that means, but we do know that the Indonesian Uwais, a dab hand at the horrifically brutal martial art pencak silat, will serve no only as star and producer, but also lead martial arts choreographer and stunt coordinator, which means we are going to see some absolutely savage shit in this thing.

Even with only these scant details at hand, Wu Assassins is worth getting excited about. As evidence, we present the final fight from The Raid 2:

…imagine 10 hours of that.


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  • Bruce
    2 July 2018 at 3:52 pm

    Wow. Unbelievable action in that one. How is it even possible for them to move like that.

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