Double Or Nothing: Not Quite Hollywood On The Gold Coast

April 22, 2021
The currently-in-production Gold Coast-shot comedy crime caper Double Or Nothing owes more than a few debts to Guy Ritchie and 1990s tough-guy cinema.

“A bunch of larger than life characters thrown together in the quirky melting pot that is The Gold Coast,” is how director Dru Brown describes his shooting-now caper flick Double Or Nothing, which has just snared a big fish in the form of Wolf Creek legend John Jarratt, who takes on the role of crime boss, Col. Tagged by its director as “a throwback to 1990’s crime-comedy cinema in the vein of Snatch, Chopper and The Big Lebowski, with a dash of gritty 1970s flair thrown in for good measure”, the film follows Nick (Rowan Howard) and Turbo (Andrew Ian Pope), a couple of ex-con cousins working in a mob-run Gold Coast workshop. While they’re trying to keep their noses clean, their boss, Col (John Jarratt) isn’t, instead choosing to go head to head with a violent rival. When the bad guys strategically take control of the workshop, Nick and Turbo find themselves with no job and no way to keep supporting Nick’s sick sister. It gets worse when the mob discovers that the 50k in the safe that Turbo has been skimming from is disturbingly short. They give the hapless cousins 48 hours to find it and deliver it. Cue a high-energy race against the clock as Nick and Turbo try to retrieve the cash and stay alive. Expect this effort from Dru Brown and co-producer Nicole Payten-Betts (who form the independent production team, Brown Python) to hit screens later this year.

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