Top 10 Video Games With Famous Characters

April 22, 2021
Video games have been around for decades and earned the love of millions around the world. The boom in the market came in the early eighties and late nineties thanks to the companies like Sega, Nintendo, and Atari.

At present, gamers are spoilt for choice with countless game titles and innumerable favourite characters. In fact, with so many amazing options, even choosing one or two absolute favourite characters feels difficult. It almost feels like reading a good True Blue casino review and trying to decide which game to go for first. However, we are pretty sure that these ten video games characters are on your favourites list.

Here Are The Top Video Games Having Famous Characters

1. Sonic The Hedgehog

Back in the nineties, Sonic was the most popular video game and gaming character of Sega. It not only brought immense success to the company, but a lot of fun memories for the kids who grew up owning Sega Genesis. Though the game has been struggling to find its foot in the past couple of years, it holds a special place in the heart of the kids who grew up in the nineties. The company has launched two new titles for the game, namely Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. The modern approach of these games might bring the game back to being a favourite of kids around the world.

First appearance: 1991

Creator and Developer: Yuji Naka, Naoto Ohshima, and Hirokazu Yasuhara of Sega

2. Pac-Man

Undoubtedly, Pac-Man is one of the most well-recognised and iconic video game characters in the world. The yellow mouth and the simple design of the character are instantly recognisable at present. The franchise also has four highly-popular enemies, namely, Pinky (pink), Blinky (red), Clyde (orange) and Inky (blue). It has been more than forty years since the game first came in Japan, but its popularity has not dwindled in the slightest bit. Thanks to its engaging gameplay and characters, Pac-Man holds the distinction of being the most successful arcade game with gross revenue of more than eleven million dollars.

First appearance: May 22, 1980

Creator and Developer: Toru Iwatani of Namco

3. Halo: Combat Evolved

Master Chief from Halo: Combat Evolved helped Xbox and Microsoft get the success that they currently enjoy. The developers brought forth one of the most epic shooting consoles to this day, and the result was a franchise that made the entire industry sit up and take note. After leaving the Halo franchise, the developers made a contract with Activision Blizzard to bring Destiny to the world. It gave a boost to a whole genre of video gaming, and it all started with the immensely popular Master Chief. It became so famous that the character made an appearance in books, movies, and toys.

First appearance: November 15, 2001

Creator and Developer: John Howard of Bungie

4. The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia might seem like a bit of an outcast on the list because he was not made to become a video game character. The fantasy novels of Andrzej Sapkowski brought Geralt to life in the 1980s. A small polish developer bought the rights of the character for a small amount of money and launched the first game in 2007. CD Projekt RED has released The Witcher 2 and 3 to date, and the appeal of the game remains unchanged. It is widely believed that no other role-playing has earned that much success by focusing only on one character.

First appearance: October 26, 2007

Creator and Developer: Andrzej Sapkowski, CD Projekt RED

5. God of War

God of War is widely believed to be of the best franchises created in the 2000s. Much of the popularity is owed to the central character of Kratos, which has earned the Hall of Fame status at Sony. Kratos is a mean Spartan who got into a bad deal with the God of War and has been seeking revenge ever since. The character has brought an immense number of mythical beasts and minions to their knees. His mean streak of revenge continues in the latest installments of the game.

First appearance: March 22, 2005

Creator and Developer: David Jaffe of SCE Santa Monica Studios

6. Ninja Gaiden

So, who is the greatest ninja in video games? In case your answer is Cyborg Ninja you must be wondering why he did not make it to this list. The reason is that the legacy of Ryu has a wider reach than Cyborg. Though you might know Ryu from the Dead or Alive franchise, he originally made his presence felt in the famous Ninja Gaid. Playing a game of Ninja Gaiden is as exciting as sitting through a game of true blue bingo at a casino. Get your skills on because playing Ninja Gaiden is said to be extremely difficult.

First appearance: October 1988

Creator and Developer: Hideo Yoshizawa of Temco

7. The Legend of Zelda

Princess Zelda happens to be the protagonist of the hugely popular The Legend of Zelda on Nintendo. Such is her popularity that even non-gamers know her name. Shigeru Miyamoto is credited as being its creator and was originally released nearly forty years back. She comes in several avatars throughout the series, and remained as popular in all of her avatars. Though she is more of a damsel in distress in most versions of the game, she took a more active role in later versions of the game.

First appearance: February 21, 1986

Creator and Developer: Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo EAD

8. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is an exceptional female character on the list because she is not someone stuck under the shadow of a male hero. In the true sense, Lara was the first female star of the video gaming industry. Since her first entry in 1996, she made her stronghold in the largely male-dominated gaming industry. In fact, she is also one of the few female characters to have made it to the movies. In the early 2000s, Lara had to go through a bit of a struggle to remain relevant and popular. The reboot of the franchise in 2013 made Lara come back with more bang.

First appearance: 1996

Creator and Developer: Toby Gard of Core Design

9. Super Mario

The adorable and brave Italian plumber has become almost like an icon for video games around the world. The demand for the game and this character has remained unchanged in all this time, starting from the first appearance in Donkey Kong to the present-day Super Mario Odyssey. Nintendo had hit a number of firsts with the creation of Mario. It made the ‘jump and run’ genre famous in the gaming world and also gave the world a glimpse into the 3D gaming environment. Mario also made Nintendo reach the top position in the gaming industry, and become a globally famous brand of video games.

First appearance: September 13, 1985

Creator and Developer: Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo

10. Metroid

As the last character on this list, we thought of discussing another famous female protagonist: Samus Aran. She is a dauntless ex-soldier hailing from the mighty Galactic Federation, who later became a bounty hunter. Throughout the series she faces various enemies in completing different missions handed to her by the Galactic Federation. The demand from fans has made the company feature Aran in all Metroid video games. Beyond the games, she has also featured in comic books and series. As one of the earliest female protagonists, she remains popular to this day.

First appearance: 1986

Creator and Developer: Makoto Kano of Nintendo

Signing Off

So, were all your favourites covered under the list or did we miss out on a few? One thing is for sure, the global video game universe would never be the same if these characters had not graced the screens.


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