In Defense of Tom Cruise

June 16, 2017
The Movie Psychic returns to defend Tom Cruise, predicting that the actor has a bright future ahead, despite The Mummy.

I agree with everybody else, The Mummy is a total mess. It’s one of the more unsatisfying film experiences I’ve had in recent years. According to Universal Pictures, it’s all Tom Cruise’s fault. In-the-know pundits around the globe agree, Tom Cruise asserted too much control and totally ruined what would have otherwise been a magnificent film.

In fact, Tom Cruise didn’t have enough control. If he hadn’t have insisted his character have a larger role in the film, at the expense of other characters, as Universal claim, imagine how much more awful the film would have been? There’s too much of them in it as it is. Tom Cruise’s performance was the only redeeming part of the film.

Tom Cruise has earned film studios a gazillion dollars over his extraordinarily long career at the top. He’s worth listening to. Let’s look at his history of asserting ’too much control’ over films. The last few Mission Impossible instalments have been fantastic, especially Rogue Nation. The second Jack Reacher was a miss but the first film was well done; especially for a film with a quarter of the budget of most action films. Oblivion was okay-ish and I really liked Knight & Day (I acknowledge many didn’t). And any studio making tent pole films might be able to learn a lot from Edge Of Tomorrow. It’s an original, stand alone action blockbuster, with no existing IP, almost unheard of, that jumped from the gates as a brilliant action movie from the get go, not begging for sequels, it knew it would have to earn them. Of his last seven films, one, or maybe two of them have missed the mark. That’s pretty impressive.

It’s never worth blaming one person on a film’s failure. Even if a star does ruin a film, who hired that star, and why? Woops. Like 99.9% of all other people with an opinion, I wasn’t part of the production, so I really don’t have a clue. All I would say is, IMDB the other filmmakers involved in The Mummy. Look at their track records and make up your own mind. The Mummy was tonally inconsistent, it had a confusing villain, odd character beats for the hero that contradicted previous character beats, it pandered to the franchise machine with scenes that weren’t needed and totally ran out of steam halfway through.

When you do IMDB the track record of everyone involved in The Mummy, you won’t be blaming Tom Cruise. I’m a film fan of all genres – indies, blockbusters, art house, whatever, if it’s good and to my taste – I love it. I don’t understand why film fans don’t embrace Tom Cruise more. Even haters have a handful of Tom Cruise films they love. And he’s not a movie star who thinks trashing hotel rooms is cool, or hits women, or has years of drug abuse – his crimes are nutty religious beliefs (as if Scientology is any worse than the others) and being overly enthusiastic on daytime TV (is that such a crime?).

He’s a product of a gross amount of success, and the slander that comes his way is part of the job, I suppose – but, he’s been pretty demoralised for over fifteen years now by the same people who go to see his movies. They must. His movies make huge amounts of money. I think it’s about time film fans point our attention elsewhere. This guy made Rain Man, Jerry Maguire, Collateral, Top Gun, Magnolia, The Color Of Money, The Firm, Minority Report, Born on the Fourth Of July – not to mention one of my all time favourite films A Few Good Men. Could you blame Cruise for channelling Colonel Jessup? “Extend me some fu%#ing courtesy”.

(Controversially, I think Vanilla Sky, Knight & Day, and Days Of Thunder are also brilliant films).

Tom Cruise should be one of the most admired film actors working today. Few film stars have had such a long run of quality films – both critically and commercially. He lives for movies, to the extent it seems to have had grave consequences on his personal life. This guy puts movies before family. He’s obsessed. He’s the ultimate fan boy. He should be a God. He should be viewed as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. Name one other film star who’s stayed at the top as long as he has? There are some directors, producers and writers, but not many actors – if any. You might think of a few, then you’ll remember a number of stinkers among their winners. Even Paul Newman’s very impressive forty-year run was littered with misses – and he wasn’t a top bankable star the whole time. Harrison Ford had a great twenty year run too, but Tom Cruise has been having control over his films since Top Gun, in 1986. That’s 30 years of mostly great films. Out of his thirty-two films since Top Gun, there are possibly four or five stinkers – and, none of them are even in the realm of The Mummy’s stench. Tom Cruise’s fault? I doubt it.

Based on history, I predict a bright future for Mr. Cruise (hoping he’s not contracted for The Mummy 2).


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