How to Create a Short Film | Useful Tips for Novices

February 9, 2020
If you are feeling creative and tired of waiting for a response on the numerous auditions you have attended, then it may be time to get ahead in the game. Consider creating your own short film.

With the growing availability of technological applications, making a short film has become easier than ever before. Assuming that you already have access to a good computer and some kind of editing software, then it is time to get started on your production process. Here are some tips on how to easily produce spectacular short films.

Start with a Good Idea and Develop It

A great short film begins with an interesting story. Remember, your central role when creating a film is to become a creative storyteller. Consider creating a parody or a comedy. Once you have a basic outline for your story, consider the cast available to you and develop character.

Each character in your story should have a personality and a specific way of speaking. Ask around, checking to see what your friends think about your story, constructive feedback can be crucial. Without losing on creativity and freedom, be realistic in your ideas, creating a concept that can be actually produced given your resources. You could also get an essay writing service to help with your script.

Produce a Storyboard

Once you are done with the script, consider creating a storyboard. It is essentially a panel-by-panel plan outlining each shot. In a way, a storyboard is similar to a comic book. It shapes the sequence of the screens and the flow of the film. In fact, much of the work in filmmaking is about the creation of the storyboard. If you get this stage right, you save time that could have been spent on organisation later on.

The good thing about creating a storyboard is that the process is less time-consuming and inexpensive compared to trying to figure out the flow as you film. Remember, storyboards don’t have to be complex masterpieces. Instead, try to make it easy for the filmmaker to focus on the camera work during the shooting process. Of course, there are good templates of storyboards online that you can use.

Avoid Trying to Accomplish Everything Alone

We all need assistance every now and then. While the short film may seem like a small project, the process of effective filmmaking is collaborative. Other than looking for actors, consider getting help with writing or creating powerful dialogue. It can be exhausting trying to write, produce, direct, and shoot simultaneously.

Get the Resources You Need

Even small projects require some form of investment. You will have to create a tentative budget given your script and requirements. In some cases, you may have to invest your own finances. However, in this era of crowdfunding, getting money should not be too hard. You can create a persuasive video outlining your project and post it on any website for crowdfunding.

Search for Locations for Filming

Now that you have the finances, it is time to consider another critical aspect of filming — location. The location of the film will be determined, to a large extent, by the script. Of course, your finances and the magnitude of the project also count. Remember, even if your film takes place in a restaurant, you don’t have to visit a restaurant. You can decide between using an actual location as set in the script, which requires permissions, or you could recreate scenes.

For films that occur outdoor, make sure to find an open and safe location. Whatever locale you select, make sure that filming will not be interrupted. Consider the issue of location from the time you begin working on your script, as it can be a huge factor in the overall cost of film production.

Choose an Ideal Camera

Technology has presented filmmakers with a wide array of options when it comes to cameras. Unlike traditional motion picture cameras, digital cams offer an affordable and practical option to budding filmmakers. You could even use the camera on your smartphone to shoot your film. Of course, the main challenge with smartphone cameras is the limited storage space. As such, you may be better served by a digital movie camera. Even then, try to work within your budget.

Making short films is a great way to make your way into the industry. Plan appropriately, create a great script, and follow your budget. Most importantly, make sure to edit your film.

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