What Celebrities Do in Their Free Time

December 5, 2019
You may think celebrities have it easy – and when you see some of the cool and badass hobbies that many of them get up to below, we don’t expect you to change your mind.

However, sometimes celebrities are hounded by the press and struggle to get out in public undetected. The desire for a normal life may be difficult, but it doesn’t stop them from enjoying themselves when they do get their leisure time. From gambling to collecting daggers, here are some of the things that celebrities do in their free time.

Hitting the Casino

Celebrities are some of the last people that need the money, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to win big at a casino. The enjoyment of the games alone and the strategies is a big driver for everyone who likes to gamble, and it keeps celebrities at the table. Many celebrities are known for their gambling appreciation, including Charlie Sheen, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Unfortunately, in a world of fake news, celebrities can easily be subject to fabricated gambling stories or even branded as addicts when seen at the casino. This is why many of them prefer to use online casinos. Party Casino is a great option for celebs and regular folk, providing a sophisticated gambling service from the comfort of home – mansion or no mansion.

Video Gaming

Another indoor hobby sheltered away from prying eyes is video gaming. Who blames them? The level of gaming today is exceptional and one celebrity who certainly agrees is Mila Kunis. The Ukrainian-born star is known to enjoy a gaming session with World of Warcraft and even took some time away from it to make sure she didn’t become addicted.

Collecting Things

Just like other people, celebrities also enjoy collecting things. Sometimes their collections are made up of the usual things, maybe even designer handbags, but for one renowned actress here, collection is a little more niche.

Angelina Jolie is known to have a collection of daggers. Should we be surprised when we have seen her fierce side on screen?

Extreme Sports

Most celebs do have access to the best personal trainers who keep them in check for upcoming movie roles or big games. But that doesn’t stop them wanting to seek further adrenaline rushes in their leisure time. Two examples include Gina Rodriquez’s love for Boxing and Cameron Diaz’s appreciation for snowboarding. It just so happens both of these sports require a head guard or helmet and helps them go undetected in the gym or on the slopes. Let’s just say this is a coincidence.

The Instagram feeds of five-star restaurants and yachts on the Med may stick in our memory, but in reality, celebrities are just like ordinary people enjoying everyday leisure activities. Maybe celebrities do have to try harder to go unnoticed, but they still manage to enjoy their downtime most of the time.

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