By Travis Johnson

It is tough to keep across screen culture these days. It’s a hard slog. Theatrical release you can probably keep abreast of, and maybe terrestrial TV (there’s an archaic term), but once you get into streaming services, VOD, and all that jazz? Forget about it. And web series? How are you supposed to keep track of the plethora of web series hitting the net every day?

Enter I Luv View, a new service collating together the best Australian and New Zealand web series under one umbrella – and it’s free.

“Here at I Luv View, it’s our mission to give these Web Series the exposure they deserve and connect them with viewers who are hungry for fresh, unique and home-grown content.

“I Luv View is created by people who love to watch, for people who love to watch. We are a team of internet addicts, cinephiles and TV-bingers, and we’re excited to connect with an audience who loves online content as much as we do.”

I Luv View spreads a wide net, too – comedy, horror, SF, drama, sports, documentary and more. Check ’em out here.




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