The Alien: Covenant “Last Supper” Clip Sees the Crew Share A Drink Before the Horror

February 24, 2017
Time to meet the meat.

Alien: Covenant is almost upon us, so expect the marketing machine to kick into high gear in the next few weeks. Last night, Fox released this five minute bit of business, in which the crew of the Covenant indulge in a bit of horseplay and camaraderie before they jump into the ol’ freezerinos, as Harry Dean Stanton might say.

It’s hard to say if this scene will wind up in the released film. For one thing, it’s not directed by Ridley Scott, but rather by his son, Luke (who directed, lest we forget, the pretty decent Morgan). It’s also a little too self-conscious in its callbacks – Danny McBride directly quotes Yaphet Kotto at one point, and the choking bit is a massive nudge nudge wink wink moment. We all want Covenant to be more like Alien, but surely this kind of thing is a step too far in that direction?

What is cool is the way we get a sense of the relationships and power dynamics. Billy Crudup’s 2IC clearly has no real authority over the crew, while people seem to think McBride’s a bit of an asshole (quelle surprise). It manages to sketch out the characters in a brisk and entertaining manner, which should pay dividends once the blood starts spurting at the top of the second act.

Alien: Covenant is in cinemas from May 18.


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