by James Forest

The demand for entertainment through all venues is not going anywhere but it is a fact that the digital services and digital entertainment resources are taking over more traditional ones. And the trend is the same in every country that has widespread access to the internet and mobile services.

It can become daunting for entertainers and providers to try and predict what the next big thing is going to be, but we’ve combined a list of trends that will likely stay strong throughout 2020.

Virtual Reality

You’ve probably heard about the predictions of virtual reality taking off as the next best thing in the entertainment industry but it always falls short of the expectations placed upon the technology. The truth is, until very recently the price point and the inaccessibility of VR to the masses have greatly held back the technology from taking off. While the concept is exciting and innovative, for most people it’s simply not worth splurging on. But towards the end of last year, we saw that VR became more mainstream, less of a luxury and more of an accessible entertainment unit, and this year we will probably see people adapting this technology more commonly and using it to elevate their gaming or streaming experience without having to pay too big of a price tag. Virtual reality really has a chance to enhance every gaming experience and for the longest time, it was just too out of touch or too expensive for what it actually is; even though the technology is great, very few people will pay the hefty price to play the same game for example. It is finally becoming more appropriately priced and we will likely see VR reach the popularity that it was always claiming but never quite got.

Pop-culture themed video slots

The gambling community has slowly but surely been working on improvement of its reputation. Implementing different tools to prevent problem gambling and to give the risk player a chance to cool off, the community is slowly starting to get rid of the stigma. Slot machines and video slots are among the most popular gambling games. They are especially popular in New Zealand and Australia, where Vegas Slots Online is the locals’ go-to entertainment. One of the most popular and easy-to-get into casino online games is the video slots and while the concept is very simple and does not require special skills, it can sometimes get a bit boring if you don’t introduce some additional bonuses or exciting themes. The slots that have pop culture references have gotten so popular that now developers are conscious of keeping track of all major news in the industry to make sure that there is a video slot to match it. Bonuses are really the main selling point of these slots since there is always a chance of an increased win. Slots don’t require much attention or preparation, making them one of the most easy-going but still exciting games on the market.

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms have become the prime entertainment source in a couple of countries, mostly the U.K and the U.S., but this year this trend will likely become more widespread with all parts of the world starting to engage with this concept and create their own escape rooms. The idea behind the escape rooms is to create an environment that utilises puzzle-solving abilities, challenges the players and pushes them out of their comfort zone while also being very realistic and full of pressure to complete the task at hand on time. The reason why they are so popular is that while so many people love these sorts of games online, there was no real-life equivalent to that. In Escape Rooms, you have 1 hour to complete the tasks and escape, whether you will do that through solving clues or enduring the jumpscare. Escape Rooms vary greatly, which is also another factor as to why they are so universally loved. Just like the video slots, there are multiple ways to change up the game to make it appeal to a different audience. Escape Rooms are versatile and you can use different pop-culture references, make them a bit more difficult for the experienced players or create spaces specifically for adults. There’s a lot of room to explore and expand on the concept of the Escape Room and we will likely see that happen across the world.


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