10 Best Films for Date Night

September 23, 2020
Films unite lovers on a cold and unpleasant evening. A warm blanket, two loving people next to each other, watching an interesting film, what could be better? However, it is not always possible to choose the film that will appeal to both her and him.

Lots of guys may have tired of romantic films, Russian brides from https://ladadate.com/russian-brides may not understand the concept of smash-hit. In order not to waste precious time arguing and talking about what is best to watch together, we offer you a rating of the 10 best films for couples.

1.   My Blueberry Nights, 2007

A story about a girl’s life that confirms that everyone can influence you in some way, even if you don’t notice it. The fate of the young Elizabeth brings her together with people who help her understand herself.

2.  Every Jack Has a Jill (Jusqu’à toi), 2008

What’s it like to fall in love with someone you don’t know? Chloe accidentally found Jack’s suitcase and now knows what this feeling means.

3.   The Skeleton Key, 2005

If you are tired of comedy, then this mystical thriller will brighten up the routine. This is not a horror movie, but it is as mysterious, as it can scare the viewer. An unexpected denouement and unusual plot is the key to a good thriller, which is interesting to watch for both the woman and the young man.

4.   Stealing Beauty, 1996

Master in directing — Bernardo Bertolucci — created a picture that is perfect to the smallest detail: a detective story with an unknown note, the beautiful Liv Tyler, and stunning landscapes of Italy.

5.   One Day, 2011

July 15 is a significant day for Dexter and Emma because that’s when they meet every year. One day, but how many feelings! When will they realise that they need more than 24 hours together?

6.   Perfect Sense, 2011

Can true love appear in a very short period of time, especially in conditions of unusual illness, when people lose all their senses? This film is so acute now in this recent pandemic.

7.   You Again, 2010

If you’re aiming at a light, comedy film, this one will be just right. How many comical situations will come out when, at your brother’s wedding, you meet with all your sworn enemies who have tormented you for many years?

8.   The Story of Us, 2000

A realistic film that reflects all the modern problems in the relationship of two young people. Are you used to seeing Bruce Willis as a macho man in action pictures? This film shows Willis’ other acting talent.

9.   Australia, 2008

A war drama starring the fantastic Nicole Kidman and the charming Hugh Jackman — isn’t it enough reason to watch this film? Not in the least are the interesting plot turns and the authentic work of the actors.

10.   American Beauty, 1999

A drama about how, with the advent of a midlife crisis, people choose different ways to get rid of it. The film, which won the Academy Award for its simple characters, life situations, beauty, and cruel truth.



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