WRIGHT: New Blood

May 7, 2021
WA Fashion brand WRIGHT is known for challenging the norm. They have done this again in their latest film project Watch The World Go By.

A self-funded fashion feature, the piece includes a cast of 23 and 20 crew members.

Loki Surma-Litchfield, Harrison Gerhardy, Declan MacPhail and Joshua Rees make up WRIGHT. They are collectively skilled in fashion, graphic design, film and are wholly self-made. The team of four focus on sustainability and storytelling. These are aspects crucial to their hope of expanding the discipline of fashion via different mediums.

“Narrative drives our making process and we are flexible with how this evolves throughout time,” the group said.

The film follows hero, Heritier, who “engages in a series of enlightening interactions with an array of idiosyncratic individuals that steer him away from a life of grey mediocrity.”

The piece is episodic in the sense that each character the protagonist encounters makes a mark on his evolving personality. As a result, this change is visible on his costume.

“Beginning as a simple brown suit, the costume slowly transforms into something much more complex as Heritier gains more clarity about his identity.”

After WRIGHT’s previous runway collection, they opted for something different.

“We felt the desire to expand our horizons and skill sets beyond the confines of a typical fashion show and to better communicate a narrative.”

The system they initially worked in did not use their skills to the full potential. The group wanted to look into fashion image-making and fashion in-movement. They believed a fashion film to be the most suitable approach.

“We made a conscious decision to not draw inspiration from fashion film as an existing medium but rather to redefine it for our own purposes.”

This meant drawing from other mediums such as painting, sculpture, set design and photography.

“A primary reference was deadpan photography, particularly the work of Lars Tunbjork and Alec Soth, whose work is focused on a pragmatic approach of capturing the mundane.”

WRIGHT have created concept projects before, but for them, this one stands out.

“What’s exciting about this collection is how the different mediums have expanded the ideas and size of the team.”

They saw after previous runways, the stories they were telling had to be more than a fashion show. Watch The World Go By gave them the chance to be more explicit about the narrative and convey more than usual.

“What has been very enjoyable is using film language as a blueprint for a fashion show; the outfits are the costumes, the show notes are the script, the models are the actors.”

They said it was also helpful that a film going experience would be more accessible to people than a fashion event.

“It’s much more common to go to a cinema; we’re excited to bring that level of comfortability to an audience.”

Following the premiere screening, a runway will take place. It will feature the garments worn in the film.

When the show is over, the group of four always have the same hope.

“That people leave wanting to be the fullest version of themselves.”

They have always been pro diversity as opposed to creating a specific WRIGHT customer.

Nothing gives them more joy than people tapping into the eccentricities of their own identity. Ultimately, this is what the film is all about.

Regarding the screening/show event, they hope people will leave understanding the scope of what they have been developing for the past 15 months.

“No one has done something quite like this in Perth and that in itself is something we’re very proud of.”

WRIGHT believe fashion film has a definite future, especially in a COVID landscape.

“Being isolated, it’s the only way we can transmit our ideas to the rest of the world, and luckily for us, we’re used to functioning in an isolated community, being from Perth.”

Above all, starting a fashion film market in WA would cross germinate fans of the two disciplines, hence creating a whole new audience.

“This kind of collaboration will always breed originality because the points of reference have now doubled in size.”

It will allow for new ideas and perspectives which are much needed in this industry.

“When the beast is dying it needs new blood.”

Watch The World Go By will premiere at Luna Cinemas Leederville on Sunday, May 23, 7pm with a second screening to be added.



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