by Eli Smithers

Looking back, it looks like Netflix put everything into this production. High-octane action sequences, exotic location, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and a top up-and-coming director – what is not to like? The movie even felt like a first-person shooter at times; this was evident from all the close-quarter fighting and street battles that take place during the movie.

Admittedly, the set-up for the movie is straight-forward. The black-ops mercenary (Chris Hemsworth) – who is on the edge – is paid to travel to Dhaka to rescue a drug dealer’s kidnapped son from another ruthless drug dealer… What could go wrong… Right? Well, as it turns out quite a lot. After rescuing the boy in a bloody encounter, the Merc is double-crossed by the boy’s father. This leaves the main character only one thing to do… Blast his way out of Dhaka with the boy.

The pace of the movie is relentless – this is one of the reasons the movie works. Audiences are left breathless by the speed of the action as it takes place. One sequence is very impressive, this is when the action plays out for nearly twelve minutes without a cut. It features a car chase, running through the streets of Dhaka, more car chases, shootouts, knife fights, and hand-to-hand combat – you will need to take a minute to catch your breath.

The inspiration for the action sequences are plain to see – and we all love it. Take a sprinkle of Call of Duty, add a dash of John Wick, and a wallop of Jason Bourne or Bond, and you have the formula for Extraction – all your action heroes rolled into one. However, this all makes for intriguing viewing for the duration of the movie.

The movie’s director, Sam Hargrave painstakingly choreographed all the action scenes with detail. The camera follows every second of the action. In some places, you must stop and ask… ‘how did they do that?’ Overall, the whole movie looks great and moves at a blistering pace.

When it was released, it met with positive reviews with one paper calling it “breakneck and bonkers”. Others were not so favourable – Peter Travers from Rolling Stone said that Extraction comes closer to a series of stunts strung together to look like an ultraviolent video game”. However, it is not a film that you are meant to take seriously. It is a movie that you should just sit back, embrace, and enjoy the ride!

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