by FilmInk staff

Starring Lauren Hamilton Neill, Lauren Grimson and Sam Glissan, whose creepy mansion-like house was the single shoot day’s actual location, Dead People Problems is about a brother and sister performing a seance at a haunted house, and being put through the ringer by the house’s caretaker and also the ghost, both played by Hamilton Neill.

“One thing I was very happy to do was to encourage the cast to improvise where appropriate, and to feel like they could have ‘moments’ to let the material live and breathe, and stand up as its own piece with a naturalistic dialogue flow,” says Dawkins, who had worked with the two female actors on previous shorts (Hamilton Neill on 2019’s A Remarkable Career, and Lauren Grimson on 2005’s Surge).

No stranger to the horror genre, Dawkins was a composer on features The Tunnel (2001) and Beast No More (2019), and of course Dead People Problems.

“The original story for Dead People Problems was a straight-up horror story; designed to be truly terrifying and tense. However, as the writing progressed, I realised that it would actually make a great little comedy horror piece. One of the main things which ‘clicked’ when changing the genre was the idea of ‘what if you summoned a ghost, but the ghost turned out to be incredibly annoying and sarcastic?’”

Dead People Problems screens with Brea Grant’s comedy horror feature 12 Hour Shift on November 8, 2020.



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