Welcome to the New Normal

March 23, 2020
If there was ever a time to be creative, resourceful, malleable and kind, it’s now. It’s also a time to be open to doing things differently.

A few weeks back, I was invited by Dame Changer to present a face to face masterclass to help members gain career confidence. We’re still running it, but now it’s online.

Welcome to the new normal, where access to information and human connection – even online – is more important than perfection.

Dame Changer helps women in the screen industry advance their careers. Right now, the industry has been shattered with TV shows and films halting production and festivals shelving their 2020 plans, leaving thousands of people out of a gig.

We know that eventually the screen industry, like all areas of business, will recover. Indeed, this extraordinary time may also provide opportunities for reflection, creative thinking and forward planning. Something positive you can do right now is spend time focusing on yourself, using free resources to renew your brand so you’re promotion-ready when the time is right. The Power of Visibility masterclass will help Dame Changer professionals prepare for the future.

Right now, the need for experts and new voices is greater than ever – and let’s have more women as part of this mix. Skype crosses from home are acceptable (prepare for an increase in audience questions via Skype on Q&A), bad hair and no make-up will be forgiven. People are focusing more on the message not the medium, with speed and accuracy of information more important than how someone looks. Finally! We’ve seen bad selfie camera work from Bono singing his new song, an unshaven Sam Neill showing us his newly-laundered shoe collection and Ellen DeGeneres casually dressed at home performing a badly executed card trick.

The new normal is connectivity, being natural, having something to say and presenting what you know in the most comfortable and authentic way you can. If you have something important to say and you’re not perfectly styled for film and television? Not a problem. Do it anyway.

Bookings for the Dame Changer Power of Visibility Masterclass here

Dame Changer has also automatically extended its member 2020 renewal memberships to September 30. A small but positive gesture during this challenging time for the creative industry.


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