Weekly Box Office Report: Vin and Co. Start Their Engines

April 14, 2017
With only 1 day in cinemas The Fate of the Furious revs into fourth spot, but will it overtake Beauty and the Beast?

Thursday April 6 – Wednesday April 13, 2017

Opening unconventionally on a Wednesday, the eighth installment in the incredibly successful Fast & The Furious franchise looks like it might actually have a chance of accelerating past the might of Beauty and the Beast, right in the midst of the school holidays! We’ll have to hold our breath until Tuesday to find out what the long Easter weekend trading looked like but our prediction is that Vin & Co. will sit atop the charts.

On the limited release charts, the anime A Silent Voice tops the charts with an almost double figure screen average whilst Francois Cluzet proves that he’s box office gold in The Country Doctor! Interestingly, the initial plans of releasing Lion in an extended edition have been put on the backburner, with a select number of event screenings but no general release. This will make it tough for the little Aussie film that could to break the magic $30mil mark, but heck, we’ll take $29mil and change any day.

Box Office figures are courtesy of the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia

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