Watch Dear Michelle

March 8, 2019
Produced by Australian production company Exit Films to celebrate International Women's Day 2019, this short asks the question, what if Michael Jordan was Michelle Jordan?

A bunch of insecure men are already trolling this video on YouTube, but we can’t help but admire its high concept and big idea.

Set in ’90s Australian inner city, the film flips things by imagining what it would be like for a young girl if her sporting hero was Michelle Jordan, rather than Michael.

Directed by Exit Films’ Bonnie Moir, produced by Olivia Cheung, production designed by Bianca Milani and edited by Leila Gaabi, and featuring Sitaya Fagan as Grace, Kayleigh O’Dwyer as Gloria and Sida Basketball coach Saratu Isah in the role of Michelle Jordan, ‘Dear Michelle celebrates the empowerment that visible role models provide to aspiring young athletes,’ according to the press release.

“I feel so strongly about the representation of women in sporting roles and what this offers to young people growing up,” said Bonnie Moir. “This piece speaks to a much broader conversation, not only about visibility of women in sport, but the intersectional visibility of women in the workplace, our political representatives and more personally for me, equal representation of women in lead roles within the film industry. With this film, I want to celebrate the strength and resilience of women who I’ve learned from by looking up to.”

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