by Benjamin Sawyer

Two for the Money is one of the gambling films that have delivered a bigger audience worldwide. Directed by D. J. Caruso, Two for the Money  stars Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey, Armand Assante, Carly Pope, and Rene Russo. The drama and thriller film was first released in 2005 and was the first Morgan Creek film distributed by Universal Pictures.

Summary of Two for the Money

The Encounter

Walter Abrams (Al Pacino) runs a sports betting business and he is caught by the success of a former college football star, Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey). In fact, this former star was injured because a disability ended his career. Brandon is able to choose winners, so this high-profile sports gambling bookie in the US makes him a star by collaborating with him.

Their solid relationship sours

Brandon’s life suddenly drops when he begins playing his hunches instead of doing his work. A gambler lost a huge amount of money and his thugs assault Brandon as this customer’s loss is due to his advice. Walter and Brandon’s relationship has soured. His life depends on his ability to predict the outcomes of the games and as Abrams is a recovering gambling addict and alcoholic, he has become unstable.

Walt secretly returns to play at NZ casino with real cash on Brandon’s choice. The boss becomes suspicious that Brandon has an affair with his wife. The last scene shows Brandon’s predictions coming true for the last game. Brandon leaves New York and becomes a coach of the junior league football team.

They are at the peak of their success

Their businesses have grown as Brandon is skilled in different games, players, and leagues. Abram’s TV show ‘The Sports Advisors’ has succeeded as he adds Brandon’s character ‘John Anthony’. This triumph exasperates Jerry Sykes (Jeremy Piven) because he was the only expert working for Walter. The star’s life has changed with a new look, a new car, and with the major help of a hairstylist Toni Abrams (Rene Russo), Walter’s wife.

Is Two for the Money worth watching?

Based on a true story, Two for the Money is labelled as a drama and thriller. Even though the film shows the dangers and pitfalls of gambling, it is considered to be the greatest one that highlights the complicity between two men. The viewers must endure the destruction of the powerful man through this sports-drama film. Walter Abrams was a recovering compulsive gambler but, unfortunately, he continues his path in the sports betting business.

Gambling means the awareness of risk but the hope to win a great deal of money. In other words, the outcome may be determined by chance so the bettors have an unexpected result. Despite the negative reviews from critics, Two for the Money has remained among the best gambling movies. Actually, based on 110 reviews, 22% of critics gave the film positive reviews with an average score of 4.7/10. The film also got an average score of 50 out of 100 based on 29 critical reviews.

Two for the Money is worth watching because not only does the film describe what millions of gamblers may experience but it also tells an interesting story of two brave men fond of gambling. Despite the fact that Brandon Lang doesn’t reach his dream, he arrives to quit gambling and begins a career as a coach of a football team. It is also worth mentioning that Two for the Money is an iconic movie as it shows several best betting scenes enabling the audience to enjoy the casino atmosphere.


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