Trailer: Defend Conserve Protect

April 1, 2019
A Sea Shepherd documentary is coming to cinemas!

Premiering this week at AMDOCs, before its Australian premiere at BOFA, the 4 years in the making Defend Conserve Protect ‘examines the Japanese whaling programme in the Southern Ocean, and the long running campaign to halt it. Set far from the worlds eyes in Antarctica, and made in close collaboration with the Sea Shepherd activist organisation, the film was shot amidst tense clashes between the Japanese whaling fleet and Sea Shepherd’s boats. Defend Conserve Protect follows a young, passionate and fearless group of eco-activists facing off in an epic battle to defend the majestic Minke whales. More than just a battle on the high seas, the film is also an exploration of global marine activism, and the importance of the world’s oceans.’

Directed by Australian Stephen Amis, and featuring narration from the whales’ point of view (!) by Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd (!!), ‘the film works to connect the dots between whale hunting, Japan’s inexplicable determination to maintain a custom that even they don’t defend any longer, and the broader issue of marine ecology and the impact of whaling on that ecosystem.’

Defend Conserve Protect will be released in cinemas mid-2019.


  1. Claire Lawrence

    It is our responsibility to save all CETAETIANS! SeaShepard ships and their crews are true heroes of the oceans.
    Lets back them with money,prayers,and any support needed!

    1. Author
      Dov Kornits

      There will be more screenings announced soon, including a more general cinema release from July 25

    1. Author
      Dov Kornits

      Yes Lindy, the film is playing as of this weekend at Luna SX and Leederville

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