The top 5 casino related movies of the last decade

February 9, 2020
For anyone with a love of the casino industry, one thing you will often have is a love of casino-based media. Movies and TV shows often cover the art of casino gaming better than most other forms of medium.

However, some movies are often just a bit better than the rest. Some portray the high stakes better, while others manage to do it in a ham-fisted fashion. Whether you are looking to sign up at a new casinos for 2020, or just looking for some fun casino related movies we have the perfect list for you.

Want to avoid wasting your evening on a casino-based bomb? Then take a look at five of the most popular casino movies from the last decade or so.

Casino Jack

Follow the story of a Washington DC lobbyist who goes in far too deep on their latest big opportunity. It’s a brilliant story that has a whole lot of madness in there, with everything from murder and corruption to a fair amount of espionage. A good watch, and one that definitely shows us just how serious the world of casino gaming can be – especially when you are in a position of authority.

Killing Them Softly

Based around the life of Jackie Cogan, an enforcer who works to help restore order to the card gaming scene. A trio of men rob a mob-protected card school. This creates a massive amount of downturn in the criminal underworld, and Cogan is brought in to try and make a bit of a change and bring back order. It’s a good watch, and shows you the other side of the gaming industry away from the casinos and the craps.

La Tueuse

This is a very interesting film, and follows the story of Mathilde. Mathilde is a nurse, but at thirty she’s struggling to enjoy work. However, when she finds a new love in her life – poker – she manages to turn things around. She gains the moniker, La Tueuse, The Killer, and becomes a very prominent name on the poker scene – all the while being pregnant. Definitely worth a watch for those who like drama with some genuine suspense.

All Or Nothing

Without doubt one of the best casino based movies in the recent decade, All Or Nothing is a must-see. It’s about those who take part in the world of poker away from the casinos, and those who manage to find that sometimes winning alone isn’t enough. A cracking thriller, and one that is sure to have your mind whirring until the end. Definitely a hard one to call, especially if you aren’t following the plot too carefully.

The Hangover

What else? The Hangover was a major hit when it was first released. A trio of good mates wake up after a wild bachelor part in Las Vegas. They find out that everything has gone wrong, and spend their time making their way around the city trying to recover. It’s a fantastic watch, and easily one of the most enjoyable movies of the decade.

So, what movie will you turn to first? Which one do you think would appeal to your own personal interests most?

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