by Zephyr Ormond

Michael obviously missed his craft in four years and the franchise presented us with even more sophisticated scenes of violence. But which murders from the past installments make the whole body shudder the most? I’ve compiled my top 5 Myers atrocities. The only condition is that we ignore the events after the original series, using only the 1978 entry and the new trilogy. In the last two films, Michael is so active and sophisticated that it was possible to make two or even three selections, but I tried to fit into one, taking into account the fact that there are scenes that are remembered and stored in memory the most.

The Death of Bob, Halloween (1978)

The fifth place opens with an episode from the original 1978 film, which I just couldn’t help but pay tribute to in this collection. As a child, Halloween was not really scary with murders or cruelty, but with the image of an antagonist who silently and frighteningly watched his victims. By the way, online casinos in Australia also offer games dedicated to this story.

Pictures about Michael were usually shown on TV at night, after watching it was even afraid to look out the window, so as not to see psychopaths in a white mask there. In this case, the episode with Laurie’s friend’s boyfriend Bob is for me the most remarkable in the original picture. At this moment, Michael’s strength and steadfastness are vividly demonstrated, which, combined with his composure, looks pretty creepy. Of course, with the release of extreme films, Bob’s murder does not look so terrifying, but in the old days this scene did not leave anyone indifferent. By the way, you can read more about this film here.

Spontaneous murder, Halloween (2018)

40 years after the outrages over the first picture, Michael is shown to us as a guest of one of the psychiatric hospitals, who escapes as a result of a car accident to wreak havoc in his beloved Haddonfield. For many years, Myers had been storing up evil in himself, so that one day he would take it out on innocent people. In fourth place, I put the scene where Michael catches up with an unsuspecting girl in her house in the middle of a holiday. This scene is remarkable, because it shows that Michael’s cruelty has absolutely no boundaries. This moment is also notable for the fact that the girl who fell victim to the maniac was not in his way, like the previous victims, and was killed as if to fill Myers’ own needs.

The episode scares you because no matter where you are, your house is not your fortress, and if Michael takes it into his head during a walk to just go in and replenish his crime counter, he will not pass by. The director tried to convey to us that absolutely everyone can be next, and it doesn’t matter what relation they have to the story, whether it’s the main character or ordinary passersby. This criterion applies to most positions in this list, but it is in this fourth pick, that it is particularly pronounced. By the way, you can read more about this film here.

Michael kills the doctor, Halloween (2018)

But the next hero is absolutely not a pity, but on the contrary. In third place was a scene with Michael’s doctor, who was obsessed with Monica. After the death of Dr. Loomis, who, by the way, wanted to end Michael, considering him evil in human form, the march over Myers passed to Sartan, who was a student of Samuel. Sartan’s unhealthy desire to save Michael in order to continue studying the nature of evil led to insane acts, the result of which was a brutal fatality from Michael.

How long was the doctor going to study his subject, if he hadn’t said a word for 40 years, is a good question. Who knows how the fate of this character would have turned out if not for his attack on Officer Hawkins. Maybe he didn’t finish it so cruelly. But the murder of Sartan in my collection deservedly ranks third in terms of entertainment. Although this method is not new to slashers, which does not make it any less disgusting, we move on to the second place. By the way, you can read more about this film here.

The massacre of Cameron, Halloween kills (2021)

I spent a long time choosing from two episodes, which one to put in the first place. I chose the leader by a small margin, but in both of them we continue to make sure that evil has no pity and Michael’s cruelty knows no bounds. The second pick is rightfully occupied by the scene with the murder of the boyfriend of Alison Cameron’s granddaughter in Halloween Kills.

You can throw hate at me, but I sincerely do not understand the criticism towards this part of the franchise, which shows mostly insignificant events for the history of one night. All this is made up in full for one of the main goals of a good slasher – a colourful massacre, which at some point simply grew in scale and became more spectacular. Cameron’s death was an obvious and logical outcome as soon as the couple crossed the Myers house. But the way, Michael treating the kid with sophistication deserves a separate nomination. It is worth remembering most of the atrocities of a psychopath and realising that Cameron was fairly bullied.

Basically, Myers doesn’t spend a lot of time on victims and he only needs one manipulation to complete the case, but not in the case of Alison’s boyfriend. At first, the poor guy repeatedly stumbles upon a knife, then his arm is broken, a wooden railing is pierced with his head and his neck is twisted. All this in front of Strode’s granddaughter, whom, by the way, Michael repeatedly felt sorry for. What did the guy do to deserve such a terrible outcome?

This is a separate issue. I went to the cinema for Halloween Kills and Cameron’s death especially shocked me and stuck in my head with its sophistication. It was as if Michael saw how much the guy was dear to Alison and therefore decided to approach the matter with maximum cruelty. I can’t help but note that this act of the guys to poke into the house to fight with Myers causes facepalm and bewilderment. But the director coped with the entertainment completely.

The death of an elderly couple, Halloween kills (2021)

And finally, the first place in my selection. Topping the top is, of course, the insane and unprecedented scene with an elderly couple in the house in Halloween Kills. Yes, the extreme picture has given us a sea of violence, albeit sometimes absolutely senseless. This moment is on the same plane as the fourth position of the selection, but it strikes much more with Michael’s callousness.

An unremarkable evening of an elderly couple, which did not portend anything terrible, is overshadowed by the appearance of Myers. Was it possible to do without this scene? Of course, but the director decided to plunge us into lawlessness once again to remind us of Michael’s unscrupulousness. The death of pensioners strikes several times. Myers acts like a school bully who attacks helpless opponents by bullying them. This is also written here.

Neither cries for mercy nor age become an obstacle for a psychopath, and he in a sophisticated form deals with Phil on the kitchen table, while his wife, dying, watches this. To be honest, as a person who is a fan of horror films, this scene managed to surprise me and for myself I can call it the most brutal of all that I have seen in slashers. Here I pay tribute to the director, who not only put the squeeze on, but also squeezed the intensity of this episode. The scene is set in such a way that it acts mostly psychologically, exactly at the same moment with the knives that Michael stuck into Phil’s lifeless body.