The Films That Changed My Life: Nicola Scott

March 19, 2016
We ask one of the most in-demand names in comic books, Australian-born artist, Nicola Scott (Wonder Woman, Secret Six, Birds Of Prey), to name the films that changed her life.

Nicola Scott Main ImageSTAR WARS: EPISODES IV-VI (1977-1983)

“This was the first film that I saw at the cinema, but it was repeated viewings on VHS (recorded from the TV) that really solidified its impact and started my love for sci-fi. Actually, just make it the whole original trilogy!”


“Though Wonder Woman was my first live action superhero [via the Lynda Carter-starring TV series, which ran from 1975-1979], Superman The Movie brought the idea to life on a grander scale. I still get a little teary towards the end of Jor-El’s speech, as his face morphs into the crystal mask and the music rises!”


“A real gem. If I had to live in Depression-era America, this is how I’d roll; grifting everyone in sight…with my dad? This movie never fails to delight and bring me back from the brink.”


“The timing was perfect. Puberty kicked in, and along came Susan [Madonna]. I wanted to be her as much as Roberta [Rosanna Arquette] did. In reality, I was Martha Plimpton in The Goonies.”


“This is on everyone’s list, right? It should be. FLAWLESS!”

THE CRAFT (1996)

“Not flawless but such fun. This fed right into my latent witch obsession. If this had come out during my teen years, I’d be chanting naked under the next full moon.”


“This hilarious, gorgeous, breathy adaptation cracks me up, and brings out a romantic side in me that I often ignore.”


“Again, perfect timing. In my last year of high school, this couldn’t have been a better reflection of my attitude. I love that JD [Christian Slater] doesn’t save Veronica [Winona Ryder] from her mundane life, but wakes her up enough that she realises that she can save herself and everyone else. Red scrunchy time!”


“I’m a sucker for a feel-good sing-a-long…the cheesier the better! And it doesn’t get cheesier or more charming than The Sound Of Music. I love everything about it.”

ALIENS (1986)

“Though I do know that I saw Alien first, it wasn’t until the sequel that I truly engaged with Ripley and her survival instincts. The shift in genre helped me take notice of just how much of a badass she was. Not a soldier, just a really good survivor.”

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