By Travis Johnson

Hard to believe this thing is just around the corner. DC/Warner have really blitzed us with marketing for David Ayer’s upcoming Dirty-Dozen-with-super-villains movie, and while this latest clip is really just incrementally more of what we’ve already seen, what we’ve already seen looks great, so we’ll take it.

There are a couple of new things to observe. For one thing, the Suicide Squad are taking on some kind of non-human threat, which means they can cheerfully massacre hordes of villainous mooks without troubling their consciences too much. For another, Will Smith has clearly decided he’s just gonna play himself, which is a bit of a shame; Deadshot’s a really cool character in the comics, and it’s bit of a bummer that he’s not going to make it to the bog screen with his personality intact. Still, everything else looks mint.

Suicide Squad hits Australian cinemas on August 5.


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