Struggling with Netflix? Help is Here

March 14, 2019
The new website Flixboss makes it even easier to pick what you want to watch on Netflix.

How long have you spent swiping your way through Netflix, tapping on alluring titles to no avail, and realising that you’ve been wandering aimlessly through the world’s most well-known streaming service, like a child lost in a forest desperately searching for a way out?

While Netflix boasts thousands of titles across many genres, with everything from indie films and blockbusters to TV series and documentaries, it’s all just sitting there, with little differentiation, and little guide as to what to watch. Yes, it can match titles with programmes that you’ve already watched, but what if you’re after something new and different? Something outside of your usual viewing edict? And what if you’d like to watch something safe in the knowledge that it comes with critical kudos, or the thumbs up from other viewers? Netflix currently offers no such platform for viewer discernment, and that’s where the new website, Flixboss, comes in.

Flixboss is an improved Netflix search engine and catalogue that makes it easier to wade through all those titles and discover the best movies and TV shows currently available to stream on Netflix in Australia. “Let’s face it, the Netflix UI doesn’t make it easy to find something good to watch,” say the players behind Flixboss. “It’s not uncommon to spend 45 minutes just browsing the catalogue before finally being able to decide on a movie or TV show. We built Flixboss because we were tired of repeating this process again and again. Flixboss is an improved search engine for Netflix that includes trailers and ratings from IMDb and that actually lists the movies in a logical order (sorry Netflix). We hope that you will like it and feel free to send us your feedback.”

Flixboss allows you to search for the best movies and series on Australian Netflix based on rankings from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB,, widely considered the best resource for cinema data on the web. To make things even easier, you can slim your search down by genre or year. The Flixboss interface is clean, simple, and user-friendly: you simply click on the “IMDB Rating” button, select a genre and/or year, and scroll your way through the host of resulting options. Movies are ranked from best to worst with an accompanying IMDb user score out of ten. If you want more than just rankings and scores, there are also comprehensive details to accompany each film, with a plot synopsis, cast and director list, run time and trailer.

With Flixboss, you can truly take charge of your Netflix account. Check it out here.

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