St Kilda Film Festival Announces Nominees for Top Australian Short Films

June 26, 2019
The Academy Awards qualifying event has announced the short list of films in the running for more than $50,000 worth of cash and prizes across 13 categories.

The St Kilda Film Festival’s Top Short Films are judged by a panel of industry professionals, with the 2019 judging panel made up of Andrea Buck, Fiona Cochrane and Leanne Tonkes. This year’s winners will be announced at the St Kilda Film Festival’s Closing Night Awards on Sunday 30 June at the St Kilda Town Hall.


Best Short Film
Judas Collar (Alison James)
Lost and Found (Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe)
We Vanish (Astrid Dominguez)
The Hunted (Benn Jae)

Craft Award
Della Mortika: Carousel of Shame (Marisa Martin)
Troll Bridge (Daniel Knight)
Lost and Found (Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe)
Ghost Bear (Paul McDermott)

Best Director
Judas Collar (Alison James)
Lost and Found (Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe)
My name is Mohamed and Raghad, we don’t exist here anymore (Ali Mousawi)
Gaslight (Louisa Weichmann)

Best Documentary
Manus (Angus McDonald)
Pain is Mine (Farshid Akhlaghi)
The Flow Effect (Lachlan Henry)
We’re all in this together (Logan Mucha)

Best Actor
– Deborah Brown (Water)
– Patricia Menses (We Vanish)
– Hunter Page-Lochard (Djali)
– Charlie Russell (Shepherd)

Best Achievement in Cinematography
Ascendant (Carl Robertson ACS)
In Dreams, In Reverse (Benjamin Powell)
The Flow Effect (Joshua Nicol)
Judas Collar (Michael McDermott)

Best Achievement in Screenplay
Tangles and Knots (Renée Marie Petropoulos)
Shepherd (Clayton Waddell)
Yulubidyi (Nathan Mewett, Curtis Taylor)
Backing up Bilitis (Abbie Pobjoy)

Best Achievement in Editing
Here there be Monsters (Rohan Cooper)
We Vanish (Camille Van Wessem, Astrid Domingeuz)
Your Call is Important to Us (Darius Family)
Judas Collar (Lawrie Silvestrin)

Best Young Actor
– Yared Scott (All these Creatures)
– Jazi Hall (To the Sea)
– Savannah Foran-McDaniel (Here there be Monsters)
– Ned Morgan (Sleepwalking)

Best Achievement in Sound Post Production
Kapara (Simon Lister)
Pain is Mine (Farshid Acklaghi, Ant Bohun, Andrew Connell)
Ascendant (David Gaylard)
Gaslight (Tom Day)

Best Original Score
Lost & Found (Jonathan Dreyfus and Adrian Sergovich)
Judas Collar (Ash Gibson Greig)
Here there be Monsters (Erin McKimm)
To the Sea (Emily Dynes)

Best Youth Short Film
Tape (Jordan Giusti)
The Greens (Robyn Fairbairn)
Mannequin Man (E.M Leunig)

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