Short Film of the Week – David Yarrow: The Virtues Of Monochrome

July 2, 2019
A beautiful and insightful short documentary about Fine Art photographer David Yarrow's process of capturing the perfect photograph.

“There are few places left in the world that you can find yourself immersed in such a spectacle of nature,” says Australian cinematographer/DOP Abraham Joffe ACS of Untitled Film Works about the film, and its shooting location, South Georgia in the Antarctic. “The staggering sight of hundreds of thousands of penguins and seals, encircled by a cathedral of mountain peaks and hanging glaciers would leave even the most jaded person in total awe. As David says in the film, you can really become quite dumb-struck by the sensory overload and it can be hard to know where to start. What made it even more special is the fact that we had this place all to ourselves for several days.”

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