Ron Howard and Brian Grazer to Follow-Up Beatles with Pavarotti Documentary

June 2, 2017
Following the worldwide success of The Beatles: Eight Days a Week, Imagine Entertainment will document the rags to riches life of the iconic tenor.

“Pavarotti’s life was replete with the highs and lows of great drama and, like any compelling character, he was also a man of considerable contradictions,” said Ron Howard in an issued statement upon the production’s announcement. “His artistic ambition, propelled by his massive talent, and his deep love for humanity drove his career and the powerful bond with his audiences, but they also fueled his other life as a world philanthropist. I am intrigued by the way his emotional passion not only drove his music and his powerful bond with his audiences, but his gift of his other life as a philanthropist.”

Passing away in 2007 at the age of 71, Luciano Pavarotti rose to stardom in the ’70s, eventually becoming a pop cultural icon known the world over.

Unlike Ron Howard’s previous documentary on The Beatles, which concentrated on their concert years, it looks like the Pavarotti documentary will take a wider look at the artist.

“This is a man who spent his life searching for success, searching for his soul, and seeking his own fulfillment, while the rest of us looked on in awe at his talent and enormous, magical personality,” commented Ron Howard’s producing partner at Imagine, Brian Grazer.

“Pavarotti’s humble beginnings – the son of a baker, who grew up in a small town in Italy, and grew up to be one of the most acclaimed high classical artists in human history – is a truly powerful and life-affirming tale,” said Nigel Sinclair of White Horse Pictures, which also worked with Howard and Grazer on Eight Days a Week.

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