By Adam Ross

The Survival of Kindness follows BlackWoman (Mwajemi Hussein) as she battles privilege and pestilence on a journey of discovery that sees her traverse both the lands of the living and the dead

With its amalgamation of Indigenous concerns and post-apocalyptic imagery, The Survival of Kindness looks to continue de Heer’s unpredictable trajectory as a filmmaker.

De Heer is possibly best known for his notorious Australian classic Bad Boy Bubby, a film that was described by David Stratton as ‘one of the finest and most original of all Australian films that I’ve seen.’ De Heer’s subsequent career has spanned four decades and a multitude of genres, and his beguiling works have seen him invited to the Cannes, Venice, and Berlin Film festivals a total of eight times.

The Survival of Kindness will follow suit, premiering on February 17 in the Main Competition of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival, where it is nominated for the prestigious Golden Bear, to be determined by a Jury headed by actor Kristen Stewart.

The film will have its Australian premiere at the Screenwave International Film Festival on April 20.

Check out the trailer below: