Year:  2018

Director:  David Denny

Rated:  PG

Release:  September 20, 2018

Distributor: BBC/Event Cinemas

Running time: 93 minutes

Worth: $14.00
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Steve Backshall

This is for the kids… will likely be a cracking afternoon at the cinema.

Will there ever be a time when we’re not fascinated by dinosaurs? Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow certainly hopes not, and nor does the BBC as they release Deadly Dinosaurs onto the big screen in time for the half term hols.

Spun off from Auntie’s decade old franchise Deadly 60, where host Steve Backshall looked at some of the most vicious creatures in nature, the central conceit here is staked around the largest and most vicious dinosaurs on land and water.

From his steampunk lab, Backshall introduces us to several species, including raptors and the indomitable T-Rex, breaking down their stats like fighters in a boxing match. After enthusiastically highlighting everything that makes them ‘deadly’, he then tries to replicate their power in the outside world using industrial tools and diggers, often sacrificing various doors, TVs and cars in the name of proving a point. It’s an extremely blunt and loud way of getting your point across admittedly, but it certainly does the trick if you’re looking for some education-based destruction and mayhem.

When he’s not blowing up fish tanks to prove how the dinosaurs were wiped out (no, really), Backshall also narrates several CGI dino-battles that go some way to show how these prehistoric creatures would have fared in a fight. There’s even a handy ‘Gore Warning’ for those parents who may be a little bit sensitive to seeing claret being spilt. These same parents will also likely switch on to the fact that at 90 minutes long, Deadly Dinosaurs does become rather repetitive in its formatting; a consequence of a lack of narrative and also it really being a literal compilation of the best bits from the original TV series.

However, let’s be honest here, this isn’t aimed at the parents. This is for the kids who will likely reel off every fact before Backshall can even open his mouth. For them, this will likely be a cracking afternoon at the cinema.


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