By Travis Johnson

Written and directed by actor turned filmmaker, Genna Chanelle Hayes, Akoni tells the story of a Nigerian efuguee (Kit Esuruoso) who struggles to integrate into Australian society until he meets a lonely model grieving the death of her partner. It’s the latest project from One Love Films, who previously gave us the shorts Surviving Bug, Wurinyan and Talkers, and the first feature for Hayes. Mal Kennard, Mark Coles Smith and Simon Elrahi co-star.

In her directors statement, Hayes says the film “…will illustrate the challenges that arise when someone is forced from their home and placed into a foreign new world. I want this film to enhance global understanding and encourage compassion for displaced people around the world in order to promote collective peace and unity.”

Production kicks off in Sydney on November 28, 2016, with a subsequent shoot in Nigeria planned for February, 2017.


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