The program is packed with great features:

The biopic IL BOEMO shot in Italy, kicks off this year’s film line-up. The period drama explores the extraordinary life of Josef Mysliveček, a Czech immigrant in Italy who became the most prolific opera composer of the 18th century – inspiring Mozart.

The most expensive Czech film in history, the Czech ‘Braveheart’ blockbuster MEDIEVAL stars internationally celebrated actors such as Ben Foster, Michael Caine, and Til Schweiger. It focuses on the early life of the famous 15th Century Czech Hussite warlord Jan Žižka, known for his innovative tactics, charisma, and courage.

The black and white award-winning drama THE BALLAD OF PIARGY is a love story of unclear guilt, love, and cruel punishment.

The feature-length animated story MY SUNNY MAAD brings gentle humour and well observed everyday details from the family life of a Czech woman who has no idea of the life that awaits her in post-Taliban Afghanistan, or the family she is about to join.