“Youngsters will be able to enjoy fun flicks from around the globe with 2022’s fantastic Family Program. Feature-length offerings include the highly entertaining superhero tale Super Furball Saves the Future, about a young girl who must save the world from a future without bees,” said Family Films Programmer Katharine Rogers.

“A Sundance crowd-pleaser for all ages, Vietnamese sci-fi charmer Maika is about a lonely eight-year-old who befriends an alien visitor and joins the creature to outwit the unscrupulous baddies trying to capture her. Screening alongside Maika is the short film Laika and Nemo, a touching story about feeling like an outsider.”

“Ride the Wave is an exhilarating documentary following Scottish surf champion Ben Larg who at just 12-years-old, has a dream to ride the biggest, most dangerous cold-water waves in the world,” she said.

This year will also feature a special short film program for younger children, with films that delve into themes of nature and identity. Australian short films include Apart, about two artists finding a connection through their work, and By Lucas Wilson, following a young boy who makes a mistake. These films are presented alongside international shorts from Borneo (Footprints in the Forest), Latvia (Hush, Hush Little Bear), Lithuania (The Perfect Fit) and the United States (I’m Gonna Get You, The Social Chameleon).

The full Sydney Film Festival program is announced on Wednesday 11 May 2022. The first 22 titles from Sydney Film Festival’s 2022 program alongside the Screenability, Family Program, and Frederick Wiseman Retrospective strands can be found online at sff.org.au.

Sydney Film Festival runs in cinemas 8-19 June 2022. Flexipasses to Sydney Film Festival 2022 are on sale now, as well as single tickets for our Screenability, Family Program and Frederick Wiseman Retrospective. Please call 1300 733 733 or visit sff.org.au for more information or to book.

Retrospective. Please call 1300 733 733 or visit sff.org.au for more information or to book.


From Wednesday 8 June to Sunday 19 June 2022, the 69th Sydney Film Festival offers Sydneysiders another exciting season of cinema amidst a whirlwind of premieres, red-carpet openings, in-depth discussions, film guests and more.

Sydney Film Festival is a major event on the New South Wales cultural calendar and is one of the world’s longest-running film festivals. For more information, visit sff.org.au.

The 69th Sydney Film Festival is supported by the NSW Government through Screen NSW, the Federal Government through Screen Australia and the RISE fund and the City of Sydney.


A lonely eight-year-old befriends an alien visitor in this Vietnamese sci-fi charmer. Working together, can they outwit the unscrupulous baddies trying to capture her?
Hung is grieving the recent death of his mother and seeks solace in anything space-related. One night, while observing a meteor shower, Hung sees something incredible; an alien spaceship crash-landing. He befriends the young pilot, Maika, and together they set out to search for her otherworldly companion and try and fix her spaceship. But a ruthless space entrepreneur also knows about Maika’s arrival and will stop at nothing to keep her grounded. Can Maika make it home or will be forced to stay on Earth forever? Inspired by a classic Slovak TV show from the 1970s, this Sundance crowd-pleaser is a delight for fantasy fans of all ages! Please note the film contains mild violence.

The exhilarating doco follows a Scottish surf champion who has a dream to ride the biggest, most dangerous cold-water waves in the world. But here’s the thing; he’s only 12.
In this amazing film, we meet 12-year-old Ben Larg, who took up surfing as a way to deal with the bullying he experienced. But the sport he loves only serves to make him even more of an outsider in the Scottish island community of Tiree. Undaunted, he trains for the ultimate challenge, to surf for the biggest and most dangerous cold-water waves in the world off the coast of Mullaghmore, Ireland. His parents are worried about the danger, but Ben is determined to test his limits. Will the months of intense training pay off? Or will he wipe out in the punishing surf, risking injury or worse? An incredible true story about finding a passion and through it finding courage, friendship and self-awareness.

A young girl must save the world from a future without the bees in this highly entertaining tale full of superhero hijinks, time travel and guinea pigs!
Emilia has a pet guinea pig who imbues her with incredible superpowers, which she must use to save the world from a bleak bee-less future. Time-travelling to the future to find out what went wrong, Emilia realizes that her mission to save the bees also means saving the school bully. But when a costly mistake sees her stripped of her superpowers, she must figure out another way to save the world. Can she do it? Or is the future in jeopardy? Based on the children’s book series by Finnish author Paula Noronen, Super Furball Saves the Future is a super-fun romp full of laughs and adventure – and a reminder that superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Perfect for kids aged 10 and up.


A special program of the best short films for kids from around the globe, spanning Latvia, Lithuania, USA, Borneo and Australia.
In this program for little kids and their carers, seven fantastic short films delve into themes of nature and identity. Meet a chameleon searching for friendship (The Social Chameleon), bear cubs who just want to play (Hush, Hush, Little Bear), a young boy who makes a mistake (By Lucas Wilson), a ball who wants to roll away from the approaching dog (I’m Gonna Get You Good), an orphaned rhino looking for a new home (Footprints in the Forest), a boy who loves parrots (The Perfect Fit) and two artists finding a connection through their work in the Australian film Apart. Delight, adventure and fun awaits!

Nemo is an outsider because he looks different. No one else in his town wears a diving suit and helmet. But then he meets Laika, an astronaut.
Screens with Maika.