The Aussie outback is set to get a taste of some movie magic as official filming for new short film Red River Cowboy begins on May 13 in Roma, Queensland.

Written and directed by emerging Gold Coast filmmaker Grace Wriggles, Red River Cowboy follows the story of vengeful mistress ‘John’, who is left to die in the blazing sun of the Aussie outback on the day of her ex-lover’s wedding.

John, played by Wriggles, must escape a local farmer, played by Joe vs Carol’s Mitchell Cox, in order to make it back in time for the wedding in a film which promises to deliver a chaotic Aussie western with plenty of twists and turns.

Ensemble cast members include Dive Club’s Patch Harrison and emerging filmmaker and actor Bree Paige, while local farmer John Leftbridge generously offered his 12,000 acre property as a shoot location, which was also the inspiration for the book Origin: Wolf Creek by Greg Mclean.

Wriggles, who is following up her widely successful debut short film and dark comedy ‘Podcasters’ from last year, says: “Having the opportunity to celebrate outback Queensland and play cowboys is just two of the most exciting things to me. We feel incredibly lucky to have the backing of Maranoa Regional Council and Mayor Wendy Taylor.”

‘Podcasters’ is currently in festival submissions while Wriggles’ latest outback project is set to enter festivals end of 2024/2025.

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